July 5 2024  |  Retailers

Lotte Duty Free targets MZ generation with Ginza Friends store in Tokyo

By Hibah Noor

Lotte Duty Free introduces its Ginza Friends to Japanese shoppers

Lotte Duty Free has opened a ‘Ginza Friends’ character space, targeting the MZ generation, in its Ginza store in Tokyo.

The store’s refurbishment and brand line-up followed changes in shopping patterns after the COVID pandemic. The 509 square meter store offers around 3,000 products including Lotte Duty Free’s key character, Bellygom which entered the Japanese duty free channel for the first time through Ginza Friends.

Lotte Duty Free has also collaborated with Zanmang Loopy, Muziktiger, Colley and Jelly Crew to launch IPs that are popular among the local MZ generation.

These include QwakCheol, Nolzagom, Mangboong and Young Forest with other popular characters, One Piece, Demon Slayer, Naruto, Pokémon and Sanrio, also featured.

The Ginza Friends stores targets the MZ generation

Lotte Duty Free Shop transformed the existing boutique area, which offered mid-priced brands and included watches into a store with branded toys and accessories. The product mix, focused on the preferences of Chinese tourists who boasted high purchasing power before COVID-19, has expanded to a concept that can encompass multinational customers such as Korea, Japan, and China, and all age groups.

Further refurbishment is of the Tokyo Ginza branch is scheduled by the fourth quarter of this year. Through the reorganization, the 8th floor of store was transformed into a 'Tax Free’ space featuring characters, fashion and other goods, with the 9th floor focused on a duty free offer specializing in cosmetics, perfume and alcoholic beverages.

Ahn Daehyun, Head of Lotte Duty Free's Global Business Division, said, “We have opened a store specializing in popular characters that can be familiar to tourists from all over the world. We hope that many customers will visit the Lotte Duty Free Tokyo Ginza branch, which has been renovated after eight years, and have a pleasant shopping experience.”

Various events will be held to commemorate the opening of ‘Ginza Friends.’ A sticker will be given to all customers who make a purchase of ¥5,000 (US$31) or more at the store while character goods, such as a fan and badge, will be offered as gifts with purchase depending on the amount spent.

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