May 20 2024  |  Retailers

Everrich and Guerlain join forces once again to highlight bee conservation

By Hibah Noor

Bee School opens for young 'students' at Everrich Duty Free's downtown store in Taipei

Everrich Duty Free and its long-term partner and French cosmetics specialist, Guerlain, have underlined their efforts centered on bee conservation.

Guerlain introduced its ‘Bee School’ program – an environmental education project for children, initiated jointly by UNESCO and other organizations – in 2018. Just ahead of World Bee Day on May 20, the program and thousands of bees featured in Everrich’s Taipei downtown duty free store for the first time.

The companies have highlighted the problems related to bees' survival over the past three years, pointing out that one-third of the earth’s food supply comes from flowering plants, and about 80% of them need bees to assist pollination. In recent years, due to intensive farming, vanishing habitats and climate change, the annual bee mortality rate now stands at 30%, and the disappearance of bees is a worldwide phenomenon which is endangering biodiversity.

Youngsters at the Everrich Taipei store learning about the life and plight of bees

Everrich VIP member families and their children were invited to the downtown Taipei store to participate in a rare opportunity to touch actual beehives and bees, learning about the importance of bees and how to protect them. The experience of becoming little beekeepers transformed the feeling of fear to love in the children, turning them into super bee defenders.

Everrich Duty Free has remained steadfast in its commitment to social welfare and environmental protection. Over the past years, it has achieved significant reductions in carbon emissions, actively engaged in carbon auditing, and launched the Everrich 1% ESG project. Through this project, EVERRICH Duty Free is driving action towards environmental sustainability across businesses, employees, consumers, and partners, with a dedicated investment of 1% in time, management, and impact. The collaboration with Guerlain represents yet another testament to Everrich Duty Free’ s dedication to environmental education and its practical implementation of sustainable practices.

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