February 2 2024  |  Retailers

DFS introduces ‘Liberate Your Inner Dragon’ Lunar New Year campaign

By Hibah Noor

DFS kicks off Lunar New Year celebrates with a vibrant ‘Liberate Your Inner Dragon’ campaign

Leading luxury travel retailer DFS Group has launched a ‘Liberate Your Inner Dragon’ campaign to celebrate Lunar New Year.

With the dragon symbolizing fortune and a vibrant spirit, DFS is inviting customers to treat themselves and others to gifts that embody wishes for prosperity and abundance. From now until February 29, 2024, customers can indulge in immersive retail shopping experiences curated by DFS, highlighting gifts from an extensive lineup of beauty brands and luxury products.

DFS is celebrating Lunar New Year traditions through a special exhibition paying homage to red paper cutting, an art form dating back to when paper was invented. Recognized by UNESCO on the list of ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’, red paper cutting plays a significant role in traditional Lunar New Year decorations and blessings. In recent years, paper cutting has experienced a revival with a new generation of artists infusing modern elements into this ancient art form.

Aiming to support the preservation of cultural heritage, local artists, and to continuously engage customers in meaningful experiences, DFS and the internationally renowned Hong Kong Arts Centre have collaborated to present ‘Where Art Meets Tradition: Red Paper Cutting Exhibition’ exclusively at 13 DFS stores around the world. Inspired by DFS' campaign theme ‘Liberate Your Inner Dragon’, three artists from the Hong Kong Arts Centre have created 10 red paper cutting designs, featuring New Year symbols and motifs inspired by legends surrounding dragons in Chinese culture.

DFS will also be hosting live red paper cutting demonstrations at selected stores where invited artists will showcase their paper cutting skills, and the masterpieces will be distributed to in-store customers as a form of blessing. Customers who make an in-store purchase at selected stores may also be entitled to a gift of a Prosperous Papercraft set to inspire them to create their own New Year decoration.

To further spread the festive cheer, customers who shop for Lunar New Year gifts curated by DFS from coveted global brands will receive a limited-edition pack of eight lucky red envelopes upon spending a specific amount in store.

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