February 2 2024  |  Retailers

DFS becomes Douyin Life Service's first cross-border retail partner

By Hibah Noor

DFS and Douyin Life Services join forces in a new collaboration “set to revolutionize Chinese customers’ luxury travel retail experience

DFS and Douyin Life Service have established an unprecedented partnership set to revolutionize Chinese customers’ luxury travel retail experience with a phygital shopping model.

From November 23 to 26, 2023, the two parties staged a livestream event to introduce over 80 beauty products – including skincare, cosmetics and perfumes – to Douyin users. Livestream viewers could purchase HKD-based coupons with RMB, allowing customers to directly redeem for purchases at all four DFS stores in Hong Kong. A second livestreaming event is scheduled to run from February 2 to 3, 2024.

According to DFS, by interacting with livestreaming hosts, customers had the combined benefit of curation, product details, and preferential prices at DFS stores in Hong Kong. “Integrating the advantages of both online and offline shopping, DFS showcases its commitment to creating tailored shopping experiences and personalized services for customers,” the company said.

The partnership creates incentives for new customers, drawing from the extensive Douyin userbase who use the short-form mobile video and now have access to innovative shopping options with DFS. At the same time, the exciting livestream content and attractive cash coupons stimulated purchases from members of DFS’ award-winning loyalty program DFS CIRCLE on the platform.

As Douyin Life Service’s first livestream collaboration with retailers based in Hong Kong, DFS and Douyin Life Service created a novel shopping experience for as many as 600 million Douyin users. By interacting with livestreaming hosts, customers could easily see the top products curated to their needs, get to know selected DFS beauty products and subsequently purchase their desired items at preferential prices at DFS stores in Hong Kong.

Attracting new high-spending cross-border customers, 30% of direct revenue was generated by new customers

The collaboration between the two parties encourages purchases by members of DFS CIRCLE, while also attracting new customers with high spending power for DFS. Statistics show that 30% of the direct revenue generated in the first livestream event came from new customers, and the sales per visit for customers attracted by the livestream event were 88% more than those from new customers at offline stores.

DFS said the partnership effectively enabled the travel retailer to reach customers who are more inclined to spend on beauty, while boosting the visibility and market shares of the DFS brand in Mainland China. “The partnership also showcased innovative ways that Douyin Life Service and its partners in Hong Kong can reach customers with relevant shopping experiences to generate e-commerce revenue and deepen the user experience on the platform,” the company added.

As part of the strategic alliance ,DFS also became the first merchant in Hong Kong allowing customers to redeem their cash coupons by showing its QR code on the Douyin app when they pay for their purchases. The seamless payment system saves customers the trouble of downloading additional apps or the need to printing cash coupons, creating a more convenient and enjoyable shopping experience at DFS stores in Hong Kong.

Long Chiu, Executive Vice President for Global Marketing & Digital Ventures at DFS Group, said, "DFS always remains true to our innovation philosophy, and has long been committed to leveraging technologies to continuously enhance the shopping experience for our customers. At the same time, innovation helps us to create value for our brand partners.

“We are pleased to have formed an unprecedented cross-border retail partnership with Douyin Life Service, and we are overwhelmed by the enthusiastic responses from Douyin users. The partnership has attracted new customers in Mainland China, a core customer group for us, and generated extra e-commerce revenue for both DFS and Douyin Life Service, setting a successful precedent for more diversified collaborations in the future.”

For the upcoming livestream event, customers can redeem the cash coupons at DFS’s Hong Kong stores from within three days after the purchase. Douyin users can follow the DFS Global Travel Shopping' account and participate in the livestream beauty event in real time. DFS and Douyin Life Service plan to further expand their collaboration to DFS stores in Macau, so Douyin users watching livestreaming content purchase cash coupons valid in Macau DFS stores, expanding the locations and the range of possibilities for their shopping journey.

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