February 1 2024  |  Retailers

Shinsegae Duty Free launches “Play with us” with TWS

By GTR Magazine Staff

Shinsegae Duty Free is excited to announce the launch of its innovative music initiative, “Play with us,” in collaboration with the emerging K-Pop sensation, TWS. This initiative marks a significant shift in the travel retail sector by integrating music with duty-free shopping to enhance the customer experience. TWS, a dynamic six-member boy band unveiled by PLEDIS Entertainment, a subsidiary of HYBE, represents the first new group since SEVENTEEN in 2015. The acronym TWS stands for “TWENTY-FOUR SEVENTEEN WITH US,” reflecting their dedication to engaging with their audience continuously. The group made a striking entrance into the music scene with their debut mini-album, “Sparkling Blue,” achieving impressive sales and topping the Korean album charts on its release day.

Shinsegae Duty Free is expanding the concept of duty free retail with its partnership with the newest K-Pop sensation TWS

Shinsegae Duty Free was drawn to collaborate with TWS, inspired by the group’s mission to enrich the lives of their fans through music. The partnership aims to bring a novel dimension to Shinsegae Duty Free by merging its brand philosophy of being a constant companion in travelers’ journeys with TWS’s message of friendship and support through music. The collaboration’s flagship venture is a music video for the track “plot twist,” which portrays the thrill and happiness of exploring new horizons with Shinsegae Duty Free, depicted as a vibrant celebration. This content will be available in a variety of formats, including teasers, the main story, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage, accessible both online and offline.

To keep pace with changing travel trends, Shinsegae Duty Free has also forged strategic alliances with major airlines like Cathay and Southern Airlines, reaching a vast membership base of 97 million. These collaborations extend into the realm of art, signaling Shinsegae Duty Free’s ambition to transcend traditional marketing strategies through partnerships that encompass not just advertisements and concerts, but also hotel and art collaborations, aiming to cultivate a richer travel and lifestyle culture.

Incorporating entertainment and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) such as TWS into their strategy, Shinsegae Duty Free is not just blending shopping with entertainment but is also setting a trend in the retail industry. By leveraging the popularity and influence of KOLs, Shinsegae Duty Free is enhancing its brand appeal and creating immersive experiences that resonate with younger, dynamic audiences who are fans of K-Pop and beyond. This approach signifies a broader trend where duty-free shopping is no longer just about transactions, but about creating memorable, engaging experiences that connect with consumers on a deeper level, making their travel experiences more enjoyable and fulfilling.

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