September 12 2023  |  Retailers

ANDS introduces eco-friendly device SLIX at Dubai Duty Free

By Hibah Noor

A better alternative for adult smokers, the device is composed of 99.29% recyclable and recoverable materials

ANDS, a pioneering name in alternative nicotine delivery solutions, has launched its revolutionary device, SLIX, at Dubai Duty Free (DDF). With a shared commitment to environmental stewardship, this move is the result of a collaboration between ANDS and the retailer. SLIX is composed of 99.29% recyclable and recoverable materials.

A specialist in transforming the nicotine consumption landscape, ANDS aims to provide adult smokers with viable and eco-conscious alternatives. The introduction of SLIX aligns with this mission, while addressing the pressing environmental challenges we face today. By combining innovation and sustainability, ANDS continues to lead the way in fostering a greener and healthier future.

"At ANDS, we believe that innovation should go hand in hand with responsibility. SLIX is the embodiment of this belief—a device that not only offers a better alternative for adult smokers, but also ensures that our environmental footprint remains minimal. Our partnership with Dubai Duty Free marks a significant milestone in our journey toward a greener tomorrow," says Arnaud Piorkowski, Managing Director at ANDS.

"We are delighted to collaborate with ANDS to launch its portfolio of vaping products, particularly the SLIX, at Dubai Duty Free. The addition of ANDS to our growing product range of vape brands represents an exciting development for us towards developing a sustainable shopping experience for our customers looking for less harmful nicotine alternatives," adds Sharon Beecham, Senior Vice President for Purchasing at Dubai Duty Free.

SLIX's launch at Dubai Duty Free heralds a new era of sustainable innovation in the realm of nicotine delivery solutions. This collaboration showcases the power of collective efforts in creating products that benefit both individuals and the planet and also aligns with the global call for environmentally conscious practices.

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