January 25 2023  |  Retailers

Gebr. Heinemann establishes department for compliance and corporate responsibility

By Jane Hobson

Saskia Möller (left), is Director Compliance & Corporate Responsibility, while Niels Runge, previously Senior Compliance Manager at Gebr. Heinemann, will become the new Head of Compliance

As of January 1, Gebr. Heinemann now has a department for compliance and corporate responsibility. The department will be headed by Saskia Möller as Director Compliance & Corporate Responsibility, who will report to Co-CEO Raoul Spanger.

Möller, a lawyer, moved from the raw materials and steel industry to the Hamburg-based family business in 2021.

“Sustainable and responsible corporate governance is part of our values and our corporate culture and has been for many years and decades. Both compliance and our sustainability activities have become more and more important in our company,” said Raoul Spanger. “By expanding the two areas and bundling them under one leadership, we see great potential in the strategic use of opportunities and the early identification and avoidance of risks.”

“Both topics are also gaining in importance in the competitive environment. In order to be able to serve these requirements in the best possible way and in a timely manner, we need the professional support of our colleagues from the compliance department as well as a long-term and cross-company sustainability strategy,” added Max Heinemann, Co-CEO and Owner.

Gebr. Heinemann joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in 2018, the largest and most prominent initiative for responsible corporate governance worldwide. As one of the most important wholesalers and retailers in the international travel market, the company has anchored sustainable development goals in its corporate strategy and committed to achieving them by 2030 in the following fields of action:

  • Energy & Emissions
  • Waste & Packaging
  • Product Portfolio
  • People

The sustainable impact also plays a very decisive and significant role in the company’s new mission statement.

Saskia Möller’s role comprises two departments.

Niels Runge, previously Senior Compliance Manager at Gebr. Heinemann, will become the new Head of Compliance. The travel retailer is currently advertising the position of Head of Corporate Responsibility and is looking for reinforcements for the team.

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