February 7 2024  |  People

Elba Group appoints Guilhem Uberti as APAC Manager

By Laura Shirk

Guilhem Uberti, APAC Manager at Elba Group

As part of its Asia Pacific expansion, Elba Group has appointed Guilhem Uberti, as its local General Manager in charge of the regional production and the management of the Hong Kong office.

Alongside a track record of success, Guilhem has experience in the field of travel retail design and production across the APAC region.

“Joining Elba Group at this juncture is an exciting opportunity, and I am honoured to be part of the company's strategic initiatives for the APAC region. The APAC strategy, with its focus on strategic production assets acquisitions, sustainability leadership and collaborative growth with Paris Calling in Singapore underscores Elba Group's commitment to grow and pioneer evolutions in our design and production models.” said Uberti.

Uberti's APAC journey started in 2011 in Hong Kong when joining the retail activation specialist team at Depack Design. Over the years, he has built a robust network within the retail design sector, and specifically performed in dynamic travel retail markets across the region. He has held senior positions at retail architecture agencies Keops and Stories.

“I am delighted that Guilhem joins ELBA Group in this new role, he will bring a level of understanding and expertise of the regional market that we highly value. Elba Group has been prodiving services and productions on an international scale for several years, thus, in order to be consistent with our values and engagements, we decided to implement local operating business units. Asia being a focus for the group, we started by opening a local design office in Singapore last year. 2024 is now dedicated to integrating a local production site alongside of a regional office, led by Guilhem, to cater our key partners’ demand. We look forward to successfully introduce this local organization during the TFWA in Singapore,” said Thibaut de Malézieux, President and CEO at ELBA Group.

“We are thrilled to welcome Guilhem. I’m convinced his wide-ranging experience and solid expertise will ensure a successful kick-start of Elba’s Asian expansion. All of our clients, and especially those based in Asia, are constantly on the lookout for a global yet local support, so we needed the best talent to bring the Elba standard of quality locally. 2024 will definitely witness Elba’s global growth with key acquisitions all around the globe, and Asia is the first step of our expansion strategy,” added Mathieu Vazart, Global Travel Retail Director at Elba Group.

Thibaut de Malézieux, President and CEO at ELBA Group

Mathieu Vazart, Global Travel Retail Director at Elba Group

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