February 21 2024  |  Industry News

Unifree Duty Free underlines sustainability efforts

By GTR Magazine Editor

Unifree Duty Free has upped its focus on sustainability, with the introduction of self check-out kiosks just one part of its strategy

Unifree Duty Free, with nearly half a century of experience in travel retail, has accelerated its efforts to secure a sustainable future.

Important projects undertaken in 2023 focused on gender equality, equal opportunity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility. Unifree Duty Free is a signatory of the Women’s Empowerment Principles in partnership with UN Women and the Global Compact, and with its work in the field of gender received the GreenStars Corporate Sustainability Model Certificate.

Unifree Duty Free claims honors at the 2024 Sustainable Education Development Awards

Unifree Duty Free said the company “gives utmost importance to having its human resources from individuals who embrace sustainability values and who can integrate these values into their way of doing business, to observe gender equality in recruitment processes and to increase women’s employment”. The travel retailer noted that 60% of the company’s executive board, 42% of recruitment made in the first six months of 2023 and 37% of all employees are women.

Underlining its belief in the importance of the participation, motivation, and development of employees in achieving sustainability goals, Unifree Duty Free set up the Unifree Academy, which provides regular in-house development, and training opportunities for the education, development and satisfaction of employees.

Unifree Duty Free said it supports its employees’ career development and provides them with full details of the company’s work in the field of sustainability.

Unifree Duty Free has taken major steps to increase energy efficiency, to monitor, control and optimize energy consumption by obtaining the ISO50001 certificate. The company has also taken tangible steps in reducing the environmental impacts of its operations by launching self-checkout kiosks.

Ali Şenher, Unifree Duty Free CEO, said, “As the Unifree Duty Free family, we develop strategies focusing on our human resources and take actions in line with these strategies to reach our sustainability goals. In 2023 we have achieved considerable results in this field, and we aim to contribute creating a more sustainable and better-shared future by doing our business the right way.’’

Unifree Duty Free was honored at the 2024 Sustainable Education Development Awards, organized by SEGM, and aims to contribute to a sustainable future by implementing pioneering projects focused on sustainability in the coming period.

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