February 8 2024  |  Industry News

Walker’s Shortbread and Avolta partner in Lunar New Year pop-up at London Gatwick

By GTR Magazine Editor

Walker's Shortbread pop-up which opened on February 1 and will run until the end of the month at London Gatwick

Walker’s Shortbread has joined forces with Avolta to open a Lunar New Year pop-up at London Gatwick.

The family-run business has an experiential retail space inside the World Duty Free store at the airport’s North Terminal. Travelers have the chance to purchase Walker’s iconic Shortbread Fingers and the brand’s wider Global Travel Range (GTR) from the pop-up which opened on February 1 and will run until the end of the month.

The impactful space, which encourages passengers to celebrate Lunar New Year traditions and ‘share the joy of shortbread’, is part of an ongoing effort by the company to invest in GTR and brand-led experiences which embrace Walker’s heritage whilst appealing to global markets.

Passengers can check out the Walker’s range and receive complimentary shortbread samples and postcards, highlighting the brand's heritage

It launches at a time when passenger numbers are expected to hit 740,000 and comes after Walker’s successful festive pop-up at Heathrow Airport – also in conjunction with Avolta’s World Duty Free – in December, when passenger numbers exceeded 6.6 million.

Passengers can browse the Walker’s range and receive complimentary shortbread samples and postcards, highlighting Walker’s heritage and provenance. Those who spend over £18 (US$23) will receive a gift pack of red envelopes emblazoned with a golden dragon design, a Lunar New Year tradition which involves gifting money in a red envelope, symbolizing good wishes and luck for the new year ahead.

The site will also house a replica of Walker’s Shortbread Founder Joseph Walker’s original delivery van, dating from over 100 years ago.

Based in the Scottish Highlands, Walker’s was founded in 1898 and has expanded over the years with growing demand for the heritage brand, particularly within GTR, with products now sold in over 30 markets globally.

Bryony Walker, Head of Commercial Strategy at Walker’s Shortbread, said, “Lunar New Year is about celebrating new beginnings and bringing loved ones together, so there’s a real synergy with shortbread which is shared with family and friends the world over, particularly during times of celebration.

“Walker’s is a Scottish brand, but we have a truly global reach with customers from across the world. It’s important to us that we share in special moments which mean something to our customers, honoring our own heritage while respecting and celebrating the customs and traditions of the different markets in which we’re sold.

“With this exciting retail activation site at London Gatwick, we’re maintaining the fantastic momentum Walker’s is seeing in GTR and we’re delighted to be continuing our partnership with Avolta, meaning more travelers can take Walker’s with them as they share in traditions all over the world.”

Eve Fifer, Commercial Director for Avolta, which operates the World Duty Free stores in UK, added, “Once again, Walkers have developed an engaging experience to excite and inspire our customers. We are delighted to support heritage brands like Walker’s with campaigns such as this, as they help us deliver that a sense of place and connect our customers with the spirit of Scotland and all things British.”

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