March 8 2023  |  Industry News

TR GO for GOLD introduces Children's Toy award category

By GTR Magazine Staff

The organizers of the TR GO for GOLD awards are introducing the first of many award categories, Children’s Toy.

The awards serve to be “value added (benchmarking, marketing and driving growth opportunities) transparent, quality assured and provide recognition of excellence and best practice for products sold within the TR sector and those who work tirelessly to make them successful,” according to the press release.

Children’s Toy award category
TR GO for GOLD announced that it partnered with Jonathan Corbett, former brand owner of Wandering Monkey children’s toys, to create the Children’s Toy award category “Guide to Gold.” The “Guide to Gold” document is designed as an outline for what brands/organization need to consider when creating a Children’s Toy for sale in TR, maximizing sales and working towards it becoming a best-seller.

These considerations are reflected in the judging criteria and subsequently the evidence required to achieve a TR GO for GOLD award. Corbett will also be a judge for entries within the Children’s Toy category.

The awards organizers also offered the reminder that “Potential entries are reminded that they are not competing against each other, instead they are striving to achieve the GOLD award. Feedback will be made available.”

The Children’s Toy “Guide to Gold” and entry form can be downloaded via the TR GO for GOLD awards website, having registered to enter.

  • Entries opening date: April 3, 2023 – June 2, 2023
  • Entry fee £250 (US$296), plus 20% vat where applicable (10% discount for TFWA members)
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