February 8 2024  |  Airlines & Airports

Lagardère Travel Retail opens Belgium’s first Costa Coffee outlet

By GTR Magazine Editor

Lagardère Travel Retail celebrates the opening of Belgian’s first Costa Coffee outlet in Liège-Guillemins station

Lagardère Travel Retail has opened Belgian’s first Costa Coffee outlet – the renowned British coffee shop chain owned by Coca-Cola Company – in Liège-Guillemins station.

“This milestone marks a significant step in expanding our footprint in the travel retail foodservice sector, representing our first outlet in the Belgian foodservice market,” the company said. “It also reaffirms our enduring partnership with Costa Coffee, following the acquisition of Costa Coffee’s Polish and Latvian network in 2023, positioning us as their exclusive franchisee in both countries.”

The Costa Coffee opening is said to mark the beginning of an exciting adventure for Lagardère Travel Retail in Belgium

Strategically located in the Liège-Guillemins station, the Costa Coffee outlet is said to offer a unique coffee experience to both residents and travelers who can enjoy a diverse array of premium crafted coffees and a selection of fresh products, both in-store and on the go. According to Lagardère Travel Retail, the outlet is poised to become a preferred destination for coffee lovers.

The food selection has been carefully curated to cater to the preferences of local customers, incorporating Belgian flavors such as waffles and frangipane tarts. Lagardère Travel Retail noted that its collaboration with Costa Coffee has been “remarkable” throughout the whole process. “Their expertise and passion for quality coffee have enabled Lagardère Travel Retail to create a welcoming and authentic space to rest, meet and enjoy in the iconic Liège-Guillemins station,” the company added.

Baristas play a key role in the brand’s appeal. Their passion and expertise contribute to the Costa Coffee’s brand’s growing popularity, exemplified by Costa Coffee being voted Product of the Year in Belgium in 2022.

Costa Coffee and Lagardère Travel Retail are jointly committed to ambitious sustainability initiatives. Since 2008, all Costa Coffee beans have been Rainforest Alliance certified, reflecting the brand’s dedication to environmental responsibility. “This commitment is pivotal for both Costa Coffee and Lagardère Travel Retail as we strive to uphold the highest standards of sustainability across our operations,” Lagardère Travel Retail said. “The opening of this Costa Coffee outlet is a testament to Lagardère Travel Retail commitment to the growth of its foodservice business, strengthening its position as a leader in the Travel Retail sector.”

Mélanie Guilldou, EVP Foodservice Lagardère Travel, commented, “I am delighted to see the evolution of our long-lasting collaboration with Costa Coffee, reaching new heights with the opening of our first Costa Coffee outlet in Belgium. This expansion into a new country is testament of our growth achieved over the past decade, solidifying Lagardère Travel Retail’s leading position among the global players in the foodservice landscape in Travel Retail.”

Nicolas Van Brandt, CEO Food Services Belgium, a subsidiary of Lagardère Travel Retail, added, “We look forward to welcoming customers to this new outlet and providing them with high-quality Costa Coffee products. This opening marks the beginning of an exciting adventure for Lagardère Travel Retail in Belgium, and we are enthusiastic about continuing this promising journey in the years to come.”

Lagardère Travel Retail stands as the largest Costa Coffee franchisee in Europe, overseeing an extensive network of 186 stores in 6 countries. With the recent acquisitions in Poland and Latvia, Belgium becomes the seventh country to join this flourishing partnership, contributing to the continued expansion of this collaboration.

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