July 7 2023  |  Airlines & Airports

Pernod Ricard GTR unveils refurbished Amsterdam Golden Beacon retail space

By GTR Magazine Staff

The Amsterdam Golden Beacon space at Schiphol Airport

Pernod Ricard Global Travel Retail (PRGTR) has re-launched the Amsterdam Golden Beacon space in partnership with Gebr. Heinemann and Schiphol Airport Retail (SAR).

According to the company, the space incorporates digital technology and features highly digitized screens, glorifiers, and wave and learn engagement systems to create a visually captivating and interactive atmosphere.

The fully modular concept of the space allows for versatile utilization and cross-category experiences, making it an ideal platform for showcasing a multitude of brands and products. With the ability to change throughout the year, the store will constantly evolve to provide fresh and engaging experiences for travelers.

One of the new key features is a dedicated permanent area for Pernod Ricard, displaying a curated selection of Pernod Ricard's award-winning whiskeys. With a deliberate focus on quality over quantity, the limited selection of products ensures that only the finest and award-winning whiskeys are showcased.

Additionally, with a strong focus on sustainability, Amsterdam Golden Beacon aims to minimize its environmental footprint. The multi-brand activation space represents Pernod Ricard’s Future of Retail design strategy and focuses specifically on two design pillars: modularity and digitalization. These are underpinned by its Circular Making principles, which are aligned to Pernod Ricard’s Good Times from a Good Place 2030 roadmap and informed by its award-winning Life Cycle Analysis tool.

The project has achieved a carbon footprint reduction of 76%, while conserving an estimated 1.2 tons of natural resource build materials across its three-year lifespan. Amsterdam Golden Beacon offers a prime example of an elevated store design, which incorporates unique in-store retail experiences while still meeting the company's ambitious sustainability standards.

Antonio Duva, EMEA General Manager Travel Retail EMEA and Pacific at Pernod Ricard, said, “Our longstanding collaboration with Gebr. Heinemann and Schiphol Airport Retail has been continuously focused on driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of retail design, which has led to the launch of the newly refurbished Golden Beacon retail space. We are proud of our new modular space design, which offers customers a dynamic environment where they can learn more about our brands and immerse themselves in our exceptional product range. This partnership exemplifies our commitment and our dedication to delivering extraordinary retail experiences for our customers, and we look forward to the future as we continue to push developments in innovation and redefine the retail landscape together."

Katja Diehr, Head of Advertising and Promotion at Gebr. Heinemann, added, "We are proud of how we evolved the space further together with our trusted partner Pernod Ricard. It’s a proof of travel retail’s strong comeback after the pandemic. The interactive elements add to the unforgettable experience we aim to offer and will attract especially global travelers keen on the latest trends and insights into brands.”

Simon Asmus, Managing Director of Schiphol Airport Retail, said, “We are thrilled to be a part of the collaboration between Pernod Ricard Global Travel Retail and Schiphol Airport Retail (joint venture between Heinemann and Schiphol Group) for the unveiling of the newly refurbished Amsterdam Golden Beacon retail store. The innovative modular store design, combined with cutting-edge digital technology and interactive elements, sets a new standard in the industry. We are excited to redefine the retail landscape and continue driving innovation together with our valued partners.”

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