June 17 2021  |  Technology

Schäfer Group to open new store in Macau this fall

By Hibah Noor

In partnership with Canudilo International, the airport retail operator will move its Move electronics brand into the Macau tourist market via a 200-sqm store inside the Sands Parisian resort; the rollout will feature strong digital elements including Schäfer’s Dynamic Content Play platform

Schäfer Group will move its Move store brand into the Macau tourist market this September via a partnership with Canudilo International, which will operate the 200-sqm shop inside the Sands Parisian resort.

Canudilo International has a 3,200-sqm duplex store named Antonia in the Sands Parisian, as well as ten other Sands Macau properties.

The new standalone Move store will sell products across categories including sound, mobile, computing and healthcare. The offer is a broader, more upmarket range than what is currently available in Move’s European airport stores and allows more space for the brands stocked to stand out.

With an electronic point of sale throughout the new store, the shop will feature strong digital elements, allowing Schäfer and its partner to change the message to match passenger flow and target buying groups. Additionally, with the content managed centrally, promotions will be created in line with specific occasions, large and small.

As part of its digital strategy alongside Canudilo, Schäfer will also roll out its Dynamic Content Play platform, which takes cues from customer actions to display information that matches their requirements.

“We are going into this project with specific market knowledge under our belts. Our partners have operated within the Parisian since its opening, so know the customer base well.

“Macau is a top holiday destination for southern Chinese tourists, especially from the wealthy greater bay area of Guangdong province. It is only 45 minutes away from Guangzhou, which has a population of 15M – twice the size of London.

“The Macau resort concept is very similar in many ways to an airport-style business in that thousands of travelers are delivered to the store daily, either through staying in hotels or coming for shopping trips. The difference is that the dwell time is longer and shopping is central to the visit. Like Hong Kong, Macau is a Special Administrative Region with differing regulations to China, allowing for duty free.

“Taking the Move brand beyond airports was always part of our plan and we hope to announce in due course an exciting project for five stores in the Gulf,” explains John Woodhouse, Airport Retail Managing Partner, Schäfer Group.

The Sands Parisian Casino, which opened in 2016, is part of the extensive Sands Group operations in Macau, housing 3,000 hotel rooms. Its owner identified Paris as a key tourist driver for Chinese tourists. The resort boasts a spectacular replica of the Eiffel Tower and has shopping streets themed and named after the famous Paris boulevards.

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