April 1 2020  |  Technology

​Nuwave Channel Partners introduces Armor London Safety F!rst emergency kit

By Jas Ryat

Nuwave is donating 250 Safety F!rst Emergency Kits from the first shipment of products to Watford General Hospital, with more kit donations to follow from subsequent batches as the COVID-19 crisis continues

Nuwave Channel Partners has unveiled a new product from its Armor London brand which aids in the defence of protecting travelers from infectious diseases. The travel retail specialist has introduced the Safety F!rst Emergency Kit in as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The lightweight and compact pocket-sized kit contains five main elements: a KN95 re-usable face mask, an anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial surface wipes, disposable gloves and a carry pouch. It is designed to offer the maximum protection for everyone concerned for the health and safety of themselves and their family.

The KN95 re-usable face mask has been proven to block at least 95% of 0.3-micron test particles, PM 2.5 germ protection and is manufactured in four layers. It has a use life of 3-4 days, conforms to CE FFP2 and is NIOSH and FDA approved.

The 80ml anti-bacterial hand sanitizer contains 75% alcohol and is proven to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria in a maximum of two minutes. It is CE approved with MSDS documents included.

Meanwhile, the anti-bacterial surface wipes pack includes 10 disposable wipes treated with 75% isopropyl alcohol. Killing 99% of germs and bacteria within two minutes, the wipes are also CE approved with MSDS documents included.

The enclosed white disposable, CE approved gloves are made from nitrile rubber, with large size as standard.

These four items are transported in a convenient, emerald green 180mm x 150mm drawstring carry pouch in non-woven fabric.

The kit is contained in compact packaging of 154mm x 104mm x 40mm, ensuring efficient use of retailer space. The full specifications and explanation of the individual elements of the kit are printed on rear of the packaging.

Nuwave Channel Partners CEO Hoj Parmar said: “There will naturally be a surge in demand for products like this in the face the current global COVID-19 crisis. At the core of our strategy is offering products which are relevant and useful to the traveler, and in the present climate our lightweight and compact Armor London Safety F!rst emergency kit very much fits that bill.

“We have already attracted the interest of several major British retailers for the product and secured substantial pre-orders for the new kit. Although the return of confidence to travel is some distance away, we believe this Safety F!rst product will attract a long-term demand and become a popular essential in travel retail.”

Stocks of the Armor London Safety F!rst emergency kit are available to retailers from the week commencing 7 April. Nuwave has also created retailer display options for the product in the form of an FSDU (600mm x 160mm x 960 mm) and a CDU (240 x 120 x 160 mm).

Please direct Safety F!rst Emergency Kit trade enquiries to Nuwave Channel Partners CEO Hoj Parmar @nuwave-cp.com

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