June 26 2024  |  Spirits & Tobacco

Silent Pool Gin unveils travel retail-exclusive Mediterranean Expression

By Wendy Morley

Silent Pool Gin Mediterranean Expression makes its travel retail debut with Avolta's World Duty Free stores

Family-owned spirits company, William Grant & Sons has introduced a new travel retail-exclusive Silent Pool Gin Mediterranean Expression, debuting with Avolta’s UK World Duty Free store network from June 26.

Silent Pool Gin Mediterranean Expression will be available in World Duty Free stores across the UK, supported by an eye-catching activation in London Gatwick South throughout July, providing discerning adult travelers with the opportunity to sample the new ultra-premium gin with an innovative aroma garnish. The following month the activation will move to London Gatwick North and will run throughout August 2024.

Luis Coutinho, Global Marketing Manager of Silent Pool, said, “We are delighted about the launch of Silent Pool Gin Mediterranean Expression in Avolta’s UK World Duty Free network. Silent Pool Gin boasts an incredible brand story and a provenance-based approach to craft distilling.

“The new and exclusive Silent Pool Gin Mediterranean Expression draws inspiration from the sun-soaked countries of the Mediterranean making it the perfect fit for the travel retail market and an ideal choice for travelers looking for something new, something different, something creative.”

Silent Pool Gin celebrates beauty, craftsmanship and discernment and is handcrafted to deliver an aromatic layered sensory experience and Silent Pool Gin Mediterranean Expression is no exception.

Silent Pool Gin Mediterranean Expression is exclusive to travel retail

As its name suggests, Silent Pool Gin Mediterranean Expression takes inspiration from a journey through the Mediterranean where botanicals and spices are abundant and varied. The distillers were inspired by the vibrant and zesty lemon and lime notes from Mediterranean citrus groves, the earthy undertones of Moroccan coriander seeds, and the pine-rich flavors of Italian juniper.

Aromatic floral layers of honeysuckle and chamomile from Italy and olive leaf blend with the silkiness of Greek olive oil and the subtle richness of Spanish orange-blossom honey. According to William Grant & Sons, Silent Pool Gin Mediterranean Expression offers “a sensory journey, capturing the rich and complex aromas of the Mediterranean region with Silent Pool distillers expertise.”

The launch of this new expression is perfectly timed to coincide with the peak summer holiday travelling period in Europe. Silent Pool Gin Mediterranean Expression speaks freshness and light, holidays, and summer nights, ideal to share and enjoy as the ultimate gin and tonic by the sea.

Silent Pool Gin Mediterranean Expression Tasting Notes

On the nose, Mediterranean Expression offers a clean, distinct aroma characterized by vibrant lime and citrus underpinned by a zesty, peppery body. Intriguing florals offer a unique bridge between

the bright citrus and pine-rich juniper in this complex Mediterranean gin. Mouth-wateringly smooth, the enhanced citrus is fortified by elevated floral notes from honeysuckle, chamomile, and olive leaf, with spearmint and lemon verbena lending a sherbet quality that marries the floral with tangy, fresh lime. The taste is deep and complex, moving into a warm peppery spice with a light heat, enhanced through the considered distillation of Spanish Orange Blossom Honey.

The finish is long and elegant, clean cut and decidedly moreish. Dry, citrus, and impressively aromatic with a delicate warmth that demands further exploration.

Silent Pool Gin Mediterranean Expression Botanicals and Herbs

Handcrafted with juniper blessed by the soft breath of the Mediterranean, Silent Pool Gin’s Mediterranean Expression melds Spanish Orange Blossom Honey and Greek Olive Oil, forming a symphony of sweet, floral notes blended with a silky texture and mild fruitiness. This unique pairing enhances the gin’s complexity.

The inclusion of black lime infuses intense citrusy and tangy notes, complementing the zesty fragrance of Portuguese lime leaves. Together, they create a vibrant and refreshing citrus profile reminiscent of Mediterranean orchards.

The olive leaves contribute an herbal character, intertwining with the earthy essence of Moroccan coriander seeds. This combination evokes the aromatic allure of Mediterranean landscapes, where olive groves and herb-laden gardens abound.

Adding a touch of sophistication, ambrette seeds produced by the hibiscus plant introduce musky undertones that intermingle seamlessly with the overall composition. This creates a complex and alluring gin, reminiscent of the musky notes found in Mediterranean-inspired perfumes.

All these aromatic profiles come to life through the meticulous craftsmanship of Silent Pool Gin distillers, further enhancing the taste experience and ensuring a harmonious balance of flavors.

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