June 12 2024  |  Spirits & Tobacco

Les Domaines Paul Mas introduces travel retail-exclusive Astelia

By Laura Shirk

According to Les Domaines Paul Mas, its new Astelia range is positioned to “disrupt with its paradoxical elements and bold French irreverence”

Les Domaines Paul Mas has introduced its first-ever travel retail-exclusive wine range. The new Astelia range was featured at this year’s TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition in Singapore.

According to the French wine producer, the launch marks a significant milestone as the Astelia range enters the Asia Pacific travel retail market, “poised to captivate connoisseurs in the region with its unique blend of tradition and innovation”.

“The Astelia range is positioned to disrupt with its paradoxical elements and bold French irreverence,” Les Domaines Paul Mas added. The wines are said to embody the essence of 'rural luxury', offering authenticity and exceptional quality rooted in the rich heritage and terroir of the Languedoc region. Curated by visionary winemaker Jean-Claude Mas, the range represents “a perfect marriage of time-honored winemaking expertise and the winery’s pioneering spirit”.

Jean-Claude Mas, Owner of Domaines Paul Mas, commented, Like the Super Tuscans, I created a Grand Occitan range intended to highlight the unique character of Languedoc wines, by making vintages from grape varieties that marry the worlds of Appellations of Origin and that of protected indications, linking tradition and modernity to create great wines. Languedoc is a set of micro terroirs that the Astelia range expresses through plots which, although neighboring, have different soils, humidity, exposure and altitude so that each of them perfectly accommodates a Chardonnay, a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Syrah and a Grenache.

“I have selected our best plots to create unique cuvées that harmonize with the land, capturing the essence of each terroir.”

Astelia: "Old world wines with a new world attitude"

The Astelia travel retail exclusive range includes three wines: Astelia Grangette 111, Chardonnay; Astelia Tannes 122, Cabernet Sauvignon and Astelia Chalamat 178, Syrah Grenache. Each bottle highlights the vineyard’s characteristics by featuring a geological map of its plot, with the numbers 111, 122, and 178 representing the altitude of each vineyard plot. These vines are planted within a radius of 2km, emphasizing the paradoxical elements of a diverse yet harmonious terroir in the region.

The launch also features The Masterpiece and Limited-Edition ranges. The Masterpiece, a collaboration with artist Christophe Heymann, comprises 30 hand-painted Daum crystal bottles, each a one-of-a-kind art piece and collector’s item. The Limited-Edition replicas allow more customers to collect and enjoy these exquisite designs at a lower price point.

“Whether it is sculptures, paintings or wine, the link is art - the art of making creations that stimulate emotions and take us to new discoveries, notably the world of the Great Wines of Languedoc,” Mas added.

Tailored to various destinations, the travel retail exclusive wines can also feature a Sense of Place sleeve, with illustrations inspired by each location’s cultural richness, transforming every gift box into a bespoke reflection of its locale. A value-added picnic-inspired pack captures the spirit of a French Riviera picnic, and includes a jacquard dish towel, showcasing the know-how from France’s Midi region, with colors reminiscent of the South of France.

Phil Sancto, General Manager – APAC at CoLab, said: “As the distributing partner in Asia for the Astelia range, we are very enthusiastic about this launch. The range caters to the increasing demand for premium French wines in the region, where discerning wine consumers will appreciate the blend of tradition and innovation that Astelia embodies.”

Kévin Florès, Export Manager for the Asia Market at Domaines Paul Mas, added, “We are thrilled to introduce the Astelia range first in travel retail Asia, a market which plays a strategic and significant role for us. These are old world wines with a new world attitude, and each bottle tells the story of its unique terroir and our commitment to outstanding winemaking practices. By launching exclusively in travel retail, we aim to provide travelers with an unparalleled wine experience that captures the essence of French luxury and rural charm.”

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