May 31 2024  |  Spirits & Tobacco

Ceci 1938 unveils ‘For The Future’ sustainability project

By Hibah Noor

Sustainability focus: Ceci 1938 introduces 'For The Future'

Italian winemaker Ceci 1938 has launched a groundbreaking sustainability initiative, ‘For The Future’.

The project is said to mark a significant step towards sustainable production, combining the elegance and innovation of an avant-garde aluminum bottle with a commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Ceci 1938 noted the numerous challenges facing the wine industry, challenges that require swift, pragmatic, and creative solutions. Chief among these is the climate emergency, necessitating rapid and concrete responses to drastically reduce the carbon footprint throughout the entire supply chain, from the vineyard to the winery, and most critically, the packaging and transportation.

As part of the ‘For The Future’ project, Cantine Ceci has introduced an elegant, fully recyclable aluminum bottle, complete with a mushroom cork. This innovative packaging solution is designed to blend superior functionality with a sleek, modern aesthetic, paving the way for a new era in the wine industry.

Ceci 1938 highlighted the benefits of using environmentally friendly aluminum which can be recycled indefinitely without losing its quality. Recycled aluminum maintains the same properties as virgin aluminum, making it an ideal material for sustainable packaging. According to the International Aluminum Institute, recycling aluminum uses up to 95% less energy compared to producing new aluminum. Increased recycling significantly reduces CO2 emissions, contributing to a healthier environment.

Ceci 1938 also noted details from the National Consortium for Aluminum Packaging indicating that 73.6% of aluminum packaging in Italy was recycled in 2022, amounting to 60,200 tons. This high recycling rate underscores the material’s sustainability credentials.

Aluminum also provides a complete barrier against light, gases, and moisture, preserving the wine’s quality over time and reducing waste. The aluminum bottle is unbreakable and lightweight at only 96g when empty while aluminum’s high thermal conductivity allows for rapid cooling. A bottle of wine in an aluminum container can chill from 20°C to 7°C in just 5 minutes in an ice bucket, offering tangible energy savings.

Two wines feature under the 'For The Future' umbrella: Otello-Ceci-For-The-Future-NeroDiLambrusco and Otello-Ceci-For-The-Future-BolleDiChardonnay

Alessandro Ceci, Ceci 1938 CEO, said the aluminum bottle was developed in collaboration with Berlin Packaging with a neck designed to accommodate a cork with a cage and capsule, “merging tradition with innovation”.

“Our sustainable answer (where) the tradition of the sparkling wine cork meets an innovative material for the wine world, aluminum,” Ceci said, adding that Ceci 1938’s ‘For The Future’ project is guided by a responsible vision for growth, emphasizing the planet’s well-being. The company is dedicated to adopting sustainable business practices to minimize environmental impact, ensuring that each step taken today positively influences future generations.

Two wines highlight the Ceci 1938 project: Otello-Ceci-For-The-Future-NeroDiLambrusco and Otello-Ceci-For-The-Future-BolleDiChardonnay.

Food Accademia will be the exclusive global retailer for the ‘For The Future’ line in travel retail.

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