May 12 2024  |  Spirits & Tobacco

Masi spotlights travel retail exclusives and new Rosa dei Masi at TFWA Asia Pacific

By Hibah Noor

Rosa del Masi is described by Masi as its reinterpretation of the rebirth of rosé

Masi Agricola will highlight its restyled travel retail-exclusive Nectar Campofiorin and Nectar Costasera wines, along with Rosa dei Masi, at the TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition in Singapore this week.

Masi’s stand (Basement 2, F19) is next to those of Cono Sur, González Byass, Symington, and Famille Perrin of Châteauneuf du Pape, associated members of the Travel Retail Fine Wine Alliance, a collaboration established to synergistically promote good wine in travel retail.

Masi’s Nectar Campofiorin and Nectar Costasera are characterized by a higher presence of Corvina grapes, the nectar of Valpolicella. Campofiorin 2020 vintage is renewed in both appearance and style. The label has been expanded and the wine is characterized by a stylistic evolution: a slight delay in harvesting and an increase in the percentage of dried grapes to obtain a product that is even more harmonious, round, and enveloping, with a more integrated and pleasant fruity component.

The 2019 vintage of Nectar Costasera is characterized by the prevalence of Corvina grapes that give the wine richness of fruit, with hints of cherry and has slight updates in packaging.

Masi’s new Rosa dei Masi is said to be the company’s interpretation of the rebirth of rosé. The result of years of study by the Masi Technical Group - a team of experts in various disciplines, from oenology to marketing, engaged in research and experimentation - Rosa dei Masi is renewed, in line with a rapidly evolving and rapidly growing global category. Thanks to a combination of winning factors such as the pleasantness and versatility of the wine, the refinement of the packaging, and exceptional testimonials, today rosé wine is, according to Masi, positioned in the lifestyle sphere, becoming a true status symbol.

Rosa dei Masi, produced with Merlot grapes from vineyards in the high Valpolicella area, is characterized by a pale pink color with salmon and ‘onion skin’ reflections, with a transparent bottle and small yet refined label.

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