April 23 2024  |  Spirits & Tobacco

Illva Saronno enters into the American whiskey space with a focus on premiumization

By Laura Shirk

The Busker Small Batch Single Pot Still; The Busker is a bold and contemporary spirit described as a “new to world” Irish Whiskey

It has been an especially busy time for Illva Saronno Holding S.p.A., the Italian spirits company known worldwide for its iconic Disaronno. In September of last year, Illva Saronno purchased a majority stake in Baltimore-based Sagamore American Straight Rye Whiskey. This move marked its entrance into the American whiskey space.

More recently, on a mission to establish itself in the segment, Illva Saronno acquired the remaining share of Italian organic super-premium Engine Gin. Since 2021, Illva Saronno has established Engine as an international brand present in both domestic markets and in travel retail. According to Alvaro Escribano – Sales Director EMEA, Americas and Global Travel Retail at Illva Saronno, it has become a core brand within its portfolio, in line with the strategy of premiumization through its Italian values of authenticity, quality, design, innovation and creativity.

“The disruptive packaging, superior liquid and innovative design behind the brand has made Engine one of the leaders of the super-premium category in Italy. We firmly believe that these attributes will be key on its journey to becoming a global icon,” says Escribano.

Rump@blic Sicilian Legacy 100% Jamaican Blend; this is a rum with distinctive aromatic notes and a unique Marsala finish

In agreement that premiumization will continue to contribute to category growth, Illva Saronno made the decision several years ago to focus its efforts on developing a premium range to meet market trends. The company is committed to developing a wider premium portfolio beyond its most celebrated names, with innovations across different categories. In addition to Engine Gin, Rump@blic Sicilian Legacy 100%, an innovative rum with a unique Marsala finish, is one of the latest additions Illva Saronno is shining a light on.

Illva Saronno’s multi-award-winning whiskey portfolio, which stars a range of super-premium products from The Busker Irish Whiskey, is also confirmation of its commitment to quality and premiumization.

“In this journey of portfolio premiumization, especially in the travel retail channel, we have found that there is a large number of consumers that like to explore the market for superior novelties. We share this appreciation for quality, authenticity and uniqueness with them. It provides a fantastic opportunity for crafting truly innovative and exclusive products, like the Single Collection or Small Batch programs of The Busker, the Cask Series or limited offerings of Sagamore, or the Sicilian Legacy project of Rump@blic. Consumers recognize great value in the exclusivity of these offerings,” explains Escribano.

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