February 26 2024  |  Spirits & Tobacco

Campari launches Berlinale film festival-focused campaign at Berlin Airport

By GTR Magazine Editor

The multi-touch Campari campaign at Berlin Brandenburg Airport includes an eye-catching pop-up in collaboration with Gebr Heinemann

Campari Group Global Travel Retail (GTR) has unveiled a multi-touchpoint amplification campaign to engage travellers with Campari’s ongoing partnership with Berlinale, one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals.

Campari – co-partner of the 74th Berlin International Film Festival, which is taking place from February 14 to 26 – launched the targeted, cross-channel experience spanning from pre-trip to post-trip, including a first-ever spirits activation with Uber in Germany.

The campaign is designed to captivate travellers with engaging touchpoints at global travel retail locations within Berlin Brandenburg Airport, ensuring a memorable brand encounter from the moment of arrival to departure. In tandem, a local partnership with Uber extends this experience to the cityscape, offering brand interactions for travellers in downtown Berlin. Set to engage international travellers of the Berlinale events throughout February and March, the campaign strengthens the iconic Milanese aperitivo’s global and long-term commitment to the world of cinema.

The campaign highlights Campari’s ongoing partnership with Berlinale, one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals.

Biancamaria Sansone, Global Travel Retail Marketing & CCM Director at Campari Group, said, “I am thrilled to share the traveler journey that we have built around Campari’s partnership with the Berlin International Film Festival. There is a magical synergy between the icons, and it is a great pleasure to connect the dots for travelers with a world of cultural experiences imagined by Campari. In a first for Campari, our partnership with Uber elevates the traveler experience to new heights, creating a bridge that not only links various stages of their journey but also integrates the vibrant cultural tapestry of Berlin and the world-famous Berlinale.

“This comprehensive approach has transformed the way we connect with our consumers, offering them not just a drink, but an authentic experience that starts the moment they embark on their journey to Berlin. Through this partnership, we are also enhancing the global travel retail experience for travelers, leveraging the awareness and equity of the Campari brand to offer a sophisticated blend of cultural and cinematic enchantment as they partake in the world-class allure of the Berlinale.”

Upon arrival in Berlin, travelers will be greeted with an out-of-home display of Campari’s campaign, ‘Icons Inspire Unforgettable Creations’. This striking key visual blends Campari, its iconic cocktails, and the world of cinema into a singular, captivating narrative.

Set to run throughout February 2024, the campaign places Campari at the heart of cultural creation and builds a strong synergy with the cinema universe and its leading performers. Travelers departing Berlin will also get to experience the excitement of the Berlinale through a Campari activation held in collaboration with Gebr Heinemann throughout February and March 2024. Adorned in Campari's signature red and enriched with cinematic details, the pop-up embodies the brand’s campaign, with brand ambassadors inviting travellers to discover more about Campari’s heritage, credentials, and showcasing it as a key ingredient at the heart of every Negroni, the #1 best-selling classic cocktail in the world, according to Drinks Interna9onal 2023 – Cocktail Report.

With 1.9 million passengers (as estimated by Paxsmart, February and March 2024) expected to depart from Berlin Airport while the experience is running, the in-store activation offers a key opportunity for brand engagement and discovery.

In its debut collaboration with Uber, also a partner of the Berlinale, Campari Group GTR has established a new benchmark for engaging travelers throughout their journeys with the launch of the first-ever spirits activation on the ride-hailing app in Germany. Bridging travel between the airport and city centre, the partnership amplifies Campari's presence in-app and offers departing passengers exclusive Campari gigs at the Heinemann in-store activation, while Berlin arrivals can redeem a complimentary Campari cocktail downtown. This approach, according to Campari, provides travelers with a “unique chance to immerse in Campari's and the Berlinale’s iconic experiences, offering a seamless exploration journey”.

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