February 5 2024  |  Spirits & Tobacco

ANDS creates the future of eco-friendly consumption

By Wendy Morley

With Slix, ANDS addresses the concern of sustainable single-use tobacco alternatives

As combustible cigarettes have decreased in popularity, regulations have increased, and tobacco alternatives have become ever more important to consumers and retailers both. One issue of concern, however, has been with sustainability and waste from new methods of consumption, especially when it comes to single-use products.

ANDS is making significant strides towards sustainability — and consumer education about that sustainability — in the vaping industry. With a mission to transition adult smokers to less harmful alternatives, ANDS is not only innovating in product design but is also addressing the environmental impact of vaping products, particularly through its flagship product, Slix.

According to Arnaud Piorkowski, Managing Director MEA & Global Travel Retail, ANDS: “We use only high-quality recyclable materials, such as high-grade cardboard in the packaging and the body of the Slix device itself.” This commitment to using recyclable materials is a cornerstone of ANDS’ approach to sustainability.

Cutting confusion

The company is keenly aware of the confusion among consumers regarding the recyclability of single-use products. “It can be very confusing for consumers when single-use products are depicted in the mainstream media as being particularly unfriendly for the environment,” says Piorkowski. “What is increasingly clear, however, is that these products are highly recyclable. Yet many consumers do not know how to dispose of them correctly.”

To combat this, ANDS has launched initiatives to improve consumer awareness about the recyclability of its products. “We know that we need to help increase consumers’ awareness of just how recyclable our products are, so we commissioned a study to measure recyclability,” Piorkowski states. The company has also introduced a take-back scheme to simplify the recycling process for consumers, highlighting its commitment to environmental responsibility.

Dr. Marina Murphy, Senior Director of Scientific and Medical Affairs at ANDS, agrees: “Much still needs to be done to ensure that consumers are aware that these products should be recycled and that appropriate collection systems are in place to facilitate recycling participation, but I am confident we are heading in the right direction and we all have a crucial role to play.”

ANDS helps ensure customer awareness about how recyclable its products are

ANDS’ dedication to sustainability is further evidenced by the company’s compliance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive. “We are fully WEEE compliant, which means that we are registered with the national WEEE registry in every country we are active, where WEEE applies, we regularly declare the quantities and weights of the product that we place on the market, and via our waste partners we provide take-back, recycling, and recovery solutions to everyone active on the supply chain, including the final users of the vapers,” says Piorkowski. This comprehensive approach ensures that ANDS products are not only recyclable but also responsibly managed throughout their lifecycle.

Sustainable design

The design of Slix embodies ANDS’ commitment to reducing vape waste and increasing the use of biodegradable and recyclable materials. “ANDS Slix was designed to reduce unnecessary vape waste and increase the use of biodegradable and recyclable materials,” says Piorkowski. The product is made with an outer casing of 100% recyclable high-grade cardboard, a food-grade silicone mouthpiece and an end piece, all of which contribute to its high recyclability and recovery rate at the end of its useful life.

ANDS fills two consumer needs: for alternative tobacco products and for more sustainable choices

Collaborating with Waste Experts, ANDS has rigorously tested Slix for recyclability, with results verifying that Slix is 99.29% recyclable and recoverable. This achievement is a testament to ANDS’ innovative approach to product design and the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Addressing one of the significant challenges in recycling vapes, the manual deconstruction of devices, ANDS has designed Slix to be quickly and effectively taken apart, thus enhancing its recyclability and reducing the associated costs.

Through innovative product design, strict compliance with environmental directives and a focus on consumer education, ANDS is leading the way towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly vaping industry. The company’s efforts are a crucial step in ensuring that consumers are not only aware of the recyclability of these products but are also equipped to participate actively in sustainable disposal practices.

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