September 13 2023  |  Spirits & Tobacco

​BBC Spirits appoints Duty Free Global as GTR Partner

By Hibah Noor

Bogdan Tanasoiu, President & Owner of BBC Spirits and Barry Geoghegan, Founder of Duty Free Global

Duty Free Global has been appointed by BBC Spirits as its global travel retail partner for Etsu Japanese Gin, Hinotori Japanese Whisky and Goalong Chinese Whisky & Gin.

Barry Geoghegan, Founder of Duty Free Global commented, “The whole team at Duty Free Global are delighted to commence our partnership with the exceptional portfolio of BBC Spirits. We had the pleasure of visiting Bogdan, Romain and all the team at BBC recently at their HQ in Bordeaux and we were incredibly impressed by the quality of the liquids, branding and huge category knowledge. Bogdan has been one of the world’s biggest advocates of Asian spirits and the possibilities of products from Japan in particular (and more recently China) in becoming global brands. We receive in the global travel retail channel huge requests for top quality brands from these countries and to work with the best specialist in this subcategory is indeed an honor. We look forward to sharing these great liquids with our GTR friends in Cannes very soon.”

Bogdan Tanasoiu, President & Owner of BBC Spirits added, “At BBC Spirits, we are eagerly looking forward to opening a new chapter for our brands in collaboration with the Duty Free Global team. After five years of sharing our passion for Asian spirits with strong domestic partners, we believe it is now time to let them shine in the travel retail industry. Romain and I will have the pleasure of joining Barry’s talented team in Cannes at the DFG booth to introduce our unique selection, which includes Etsu Japanese Gin, our flagship brands that have achieved strong performance in domestic markets, Hinotori Japanese Whisky and its limited editions, as well as the pioneering Goalong Chinese Whiskey and Gin. We look forward to seeing you all in Cannes. ”

Etsu Gin – Etsu was one of the first Japanese gin’s on the market. Etsu means "pleasure" in Japanese. This gin has been elaborated by the Asahikawa distillery in Hokkaido following an ancestral Asian recipe. The particularity of Etsu gin lies in the persistence of orange and yuzu peels, this yellow citrus fruit very popular in Asia. Etsu is made from sugar cane alcohol which gives it a particular roundness. Botanicals such as yuzu, spices and herbs macerate for 22 hours before distillation. The gin is reduced to 43° with spring water from the Taisetsu mountains.

The range includes Etsu The Original, Pacific Ocean Water, Double Yuzu and Double Orange.

Hinotori Whisky – Hinotori, a Japanese Whisky created with passion and care, is a true symbol of renewal. Its name means "phoenix" in Japanese, echoing the rebirth of the Hekinan distillery founded in 1949, which has endured two natural disasters. The range includes a 5-year-old Blend, Goldorak Peated and Goldorak Blended.

Goalong Whiskey & Gin – Chinese Single Malts have officially earned their place and are about to experience an explosion in demand. With an aromatic profile unique to the Hunan region, Goalong is truly unique and stands out as a high quality single malt whiskey that can compete with the best. The range includes a 5-year-old Single Malt Bourbon cask, a 5-year-old Single Malt Bourbon & Brandy cask, and a Single Malt aged in five different casks. The Goalong distillery also produces an exceptional gin distinguished by its unique blend of 20 local spices and herbs such as green tea, coriander, cinnamon, Sichuan pepper.

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