September 20 2022  |  Spirits & Tobacco

Bottega to introduce new products in Cannes

By Jane Hobson

From October 2 to 6 Italian winery and distillery Bottega will be showcasing its new products at the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference, at Booth A11 Blue Village.

Bottega will launch Limoncello Sorrento, Gianduia Fondente liqueur, Cappuccino liqueur and Bottega Stella Rosa.

Product details
Limocello Sorrento is produced from lemons grown on the Sorrento peninsula and the island of Capri, where they ripen in a mild, typically Mediterranean breeze. This Limoncello captures all the aroma of Sorrento lemons in a fresh liqueur with an elegant and appealing packaging. Beside our historic Limoncino from Sicilian lemons, we started to produce also Limoncello which has developed a strong identity in the Sorrento peninsula. The special ‘Limone di Sorrento,’ from which it originates, is characterized by the fragrant skins rich in essential oils which, left to infuse, create one of the most popular Italian liqueurs. In this way we offer the consumers two liqueurs with great personality: one originating from Sicilian lemons, the other from those of Sorrento.

Limocello Sorrento

Gianduia Fondente is Bottega's latest proposal that expands the wide range of creamy liqueurs. It is a product with a great personality that is characterized by a low alcohol content and a pronounced dark chocolate flavor. The strong hints of hazelnut increase the aromatic intensity of this "dark" version of the traditional Gianduia. Gianduia Fondente is a soft, velvety and seductive liqueur on the palate. It is characterized by the complex bouquet of expertly toasted hazelnuts and delicious dark chocolate, with floral and exotic fruit scents. It should be served cold at the end of a meal. The moderate alcohol content (17% vol) makes it excellent as an accompaniment to dry pastries and butter biscuits. It is also a tasty ingredient for the preparation of delicious cocktails. Finally, it lends itself to enriching cream-based ice creams with its aromatic charge. The original bottle with its characteristic oval shape has a capacity of 500 milliliter.

Gianduia Fondente is Bottega

Cappuccino Bottega is produced with milk from the Alps, left to cook for a long time with coffee selections. These are fine Arabica varieties of Ethiopian origin. The African country, whose morphology is characterized by jagged mountains and extensive plateaus, is considered the cradle of coffee. The addition of sugar gives a touch of balanced sweetness to the Cappuccino, giving the liqueur a pleasant creaminess. Cappuccino Bottega develops a moderate alcohol content (15% vol.). Captivating and persuasive, it is characterized by the harmonious balance between coffee and milk, with toasted hints of cereals, caramel, cocoa, vanilla and final notes of flowers and dried fruit. On the palate the notes of cream stand out, accompanied by the moderately bitter taste and the balanced acidity of the coffee. It should be served cold at the end of a meal to gratify the palate, to accompany coffee or to complete cream-based ice creams. Finally, it can be used as an ingredient for the preparation of cocktails.

Bottega Stella Rosa

Bottega Stella Rosa is a rosé Millesimato spumante (Italian sparkling wine) with a strong aroma, which originates from a blend of Glera and Raboso. In a certain sense it is a precursor of Prosecco Rosé, since in the production area of the famous wine the peasant families used to vinify a rosé, using a small part of red grapes from Raboso, an autochthonous variety with a great tradition in the province of Treviso. The striking bottle reproduces a constellation on its surface. The pink background highlights the stars, which shine intensely thanks to the LED light placed at the base of the bottle itself and operated with a simple switch. Original and refined, Bottega Stella Rosa is an intriguing suggestion for exclusive parties, informal events, evenings with friends. Bottega Stella Rosa is the twin bottle of Bottega Stella, characterized by blue color and containing a sparkling wine of great personality that originates from a special cuveé obtained from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Glera grapes.

Following the success of Gin Bacûr, produced in Italy using botanicals like juniper berries, sage and lemon zest, and pure water coming from the Alps, Bottega continues to promote the fine distillate contained in the original copper-colored bottle. Bottega Gin Bacûr is available in five sizes: 50 milliliter miniature bottle, 100 milliliter (spray version), 500 milliliter bottle, 700 milliliter bottle, and one liter bottle.

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