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Coty adds The Heart of Leo Eau de Parfum to Gucci The Alchemist’s Garden range

By GTR Magazine Editor

Coty introduces The Heart Of Leo Eau de Parfum, newcomer to the Gucci The Alchemist’s Garden collection

Coty has added a new The Heart of Leo Eau de Parfum to the Gucci The Alchemist’s Garden collection of fragrances.

The new fragrance is said to encapsulate the nobility and strength of the lion, blending resinous Myrrh and the smoky profile of Incense with a Blackcurrant Accord. The result is an enduring trail, both fruity and ambery, “as powerful as the animal it represents”.

The Alchemist’s Garden Collection takes inspiration from the art of alchemy, with hero ingredients linked to the distinctive codes of the House. A collection of eaux de parfum, perfumed oils and acque profumate (meaning ‘scented waters’), the compositions are designed to be layered together, shifting and magnifying in character when paired with each other. According to Coy, “the beauty of alchemy is in the transformation: when layered, the scents become new expressions of art and reveal the magic of unseen worlds”.

Perfumer Amandine Clerc Marie takes inspiration from a specific image, story or character before creating a scent. For this fragrance, she imagined a fearless lion in search of the world’s most precious ingredients.

The Heart of Leo is presented in distinctive black packaging

The Heart of Leo Eau de Parfum is manufactured using alcohol made from 100% recycled carbon emissions.

There are seven recommended layering combinations for Gucci The Heart of Leo:

• Amplify the scent’s complex magnetism by adding A Forgotten Rose perfumed oil

• Infuse the scent with floral notes by layering it under A Chant for the Nymph Eau de Parfum, fusing Incense and Myrrh with Frangipani Accord for a sweet and floral top note

• Create an even more opulent scent by bringing the fragrance together with The Eyes of the Tiger Eau de Parfum

• Add sensuality with A Reason to Love Eau de Parfum and its Rose-tinged Oud Accord to pair perfectly with The Heart of Leo’s duo of resins

• Intensify Myrrh notes by infusing rich Oud with A Nocturnal Whisper perfumed oil.

• Complement the fragrance’s ambery duo of Incense and Myrrh with the musky Lavender of Moonlight Serenade acque profumate.

• Blend the scent with Moonlight Serenade acque profumate and A Forgotten Rose perfumed oil.

The Heart of Leo is presented in a black lacquered glass flacon, gilded with decorative gold-colored foliage loosely shaped like a heart and finished with a green bow. At its center is the Gucci logo and the name of the scent. The falcon has a gold-shaded stopper, placed within a black box and black fabric pouch with a silk drawstring.

The Heart of Leo campaign, which centers on the allure of a magical garden, was photographed by Paulette Tavormina.

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