May 30 2024  |  Fragrances, Cosmetics, Skincare & Haircare

Lancôme and China Duty Free reimagine VVIP experiences with the rebirth of Absolue L’Extrait

By Hibah Noor

Lancôme Absolue continues to push the boundary of luxury experience with an innovative L’Extrait VIIP activation, recognizing that new luxury travelers are seeking unique offering beyond products

Lancôme Travel Retail Asia Pacific, part of L’Oréal Group, has earmarked 2024 as the start of a new era as its Absolue L’Extrait – “the brand’s crown black jewel” – undergoes a complete reformulation and packaging re-invention.

Absolue L’Extrait has incorporated L’Oreal group’s most advanced biotechnological breakthrough into its star product, the L’Extrait Elixir Cream. Harnessing the potential of black tech in Absolue L’Extrait, Lancôme laboratories turned to an extremely resilient and adaptative micro-ferment, the Blackbiosis. According to the brand, it fuels the Absolue Perpetual Rose with harmonious vitality from the root, and in synergy with the Perpetual Rose extract, is clinically proven to activate skin’s NAD by +43%, to correct and prevent aging signs for skin that looks younger than your age.

To celebrate the L’Extrait relaunch, Lancôme Absolue and China Duty Free Group (CDFG) designed a first-of-its-kind CRM (consumer relationship management) to recruit high net worth clientele of CDFG not just from Perfumes and Cosmetics, but also from other luxury categories like jewelry and fashion. Top VVIPs (very, very important person) from leading Chinese online travel agency, Tong Cheng, were also invited via precision targeting. The guests were treated to an extraordinary VVIP Black Longevity Retreat spa experience at Edition Hotel Sanya in Hainan from March 25 to May 6.

Guests at the retreat were treated to a facial spa and introduced to the new L’Extrait Elixir range

The retreat showcased the origin of Lancôme Absolue’s Perpetual Rose, Plateau de Valensole, with an immersive tunnel showcasing how the Absolue Blackbiosis micro-ferment is selected, amplified and extracted from the soil at the roots of the Lancôme Perpetual Rose, organically grown on the terroir of the Valensole plateau in France.

At the L’Extrait spa, trained Lancôme therapist performed a 45min rejuvenating facial spa with signature Lancôme techniques. The spa featured the new L’Extrait Elixir range including Lotion Mist, Serum, Face and Eye Cream and specialized L’Extrait tools were used, both heated and cooled, to facilitate the absorption of the products. VVIPs were also treated to Absolue Sheet Mask while enjoying a hand massage.

An immersive tunnel showcased how Absolue Blackbiosis micro-ferment is grown and extracted in France

Embracing the trend where VVIP travelers seek unique learning opportunities and local cultural experiences, Lancôme said its Black Longevity spa offered an opportunity for VVIPs to enjoy exclusive experiences beyond the spa. The experience included a typical French apéritif designed in collaboration with Edition hotel’s chef, with L’Extrait south of France ingredients and Lancôme’s French roots as inspiration. Alongside this gastronomical experience, VVIPs could also try their hand at cloisonné enamel, a traditional Chinese art form.

Linda Wang, General Manager of Lancôme Travel Retail Asia Pacific, said, “Lancôme Absolue continues to push the boundary of luxury experience with our L’Extrait VIP activation, recognizing that new luxury travelers are seeking unique offering beyond products. We are excited to partner with China Duty Free Group and their CRM program to pioneer and reimagine a truly unique yet culturally relevant VVIP experience tailored for the top spending-tier travelers in Hainan.”

Dorothy Liu, Vice President, Merchandising, Perfume and Cosmetics at China Duty Free Group, commented, “We extend our sincere thanks to Lancôme for their innovative VIP experience format, which has delighted our esteemed customers. We look forward to future breakthrough collaborations that will continue to captivate and inspire. Together, we will explore new possibilities of luxury experience within travel retail.”

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