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Shiseido shares insights on new trends with “Beauty in Motion” briefing

By Hibah Noor

Shiseido's mission "Beauty Innovations for a Better World" formed the backdrop for the beauty giant's trends update at TFWA Asia Pacific

At the recent TFWA Asia Pacific exhibition, Shiseido Travel Retail unveiled its vision for the future of beauty, emphasizing a blend of innovation and tradition. Reflecting on its 152-year legacy, Shiseido is steering the beauty industry toward a holistic approach that merges aesthetics with overall wellness. 

Those in attendance were lucky enough to sample Shiseido's new skin care offerings

During this event, Shiseido  highlighted key insights during the “Beauty in Motion” Trends briefing, which provided an in-depth look at emerging global beauty trends and consumer behaviors. This briefing highlighted the importance of dynamic, adaptable beauty solutions that cater to the evolving needs of today’s consumers, further reinforcing Shiseido’s commitment to leading the industry through both innovation and a deep respect for heritage.

Shiseido's five key Beauty in Motion trends 

1. Active Ingredients Era

Slogan: “Harnessing Nature, Enhancing Beauty”

In the “Active Ingredient Era,” Shiseido emphasizes the growing focus on beauty products that feature active ingredients, heralding a shift towards formulas that offer measurable benefits and performance.

This trend is reflective of consumers increasingly seeking products that deliver specific results, driven by ingredients that are both effective and scientifically validated. Key trending active ingredients include various botanical extracts and advanced biotech components, which cater to the rising demand for skincare that not only enhances appearance but also promotes skin health.

This consumer shift is part of a broader trend where skincare and beauty merge more seamlessly with wellness and health, suggesting a future where beauty products are as much about enhancing aesthetic appeal as they are about nurturing and protecting skin health.

Leveraging the latest advancements in biotechnology, Shiseido has introduced a new range of skincare products that utilize bio-engineered botanicals. These products aim to deliver targeted treatments for various skin concerns, enhancing both appearance and health with sustainable ingredients.

Building on the momentum of the “Active Ingredient Era,” Shiseido’s Future Solution LX line exemplifies the company’s dedication to integrating scientifically validated active ingredients into its products. This prestigious skincare collection leverages premium ingredients tailored to address aging signs comprehensively, blending traditional Japanese aesthetics with cutting-edge science. Future Solution LX focuses on enhancing skin regeneration and resistance to environmental stressors, providing a sophisticated solution for those seeking both immediate and long-term improvements in skin health and appearance. This line is a testament to Shiseido’s commitment to innovation, offering consumers a high-performance skincare regimen that embodies the merger of wellness and aesthetic beauty

2. Less is More: Skin Minimalism

Slogan: “Minimalism Meets Efficacy”

The “Skin Minimalism” trend highlights a significant shift toward simpler, more multifunctional skincare routines that emphasize quality over quantity. This minimalist approach encourages the use of fewer products, each designed to be effective with high-quality ingredients that serve multiple purposes. Such routines not only simplify daily beauty habits but also align with a broader consumer demand for sustainability and transparency.

By minimizing their product use, consumers are looking to reduce waste and prioritize products that are transparent about their ingredients and ethical in their production methods. This trend underscores a growing recognition among consumers that effective skincare doesn’t require extensive routines, but can be more thoughtfully targeted, balancing the needs of skin health with environmental considerations.

Driven in part by the preferences of Gen Z, this trend appeals to younger consumers who value straightforward, transparent branding and products that deliver results without unnecessary complexity. Gen Z’s emphasis on authenticity and ethical consumption enhances the minimalist skincare ethos, promoting products that align with their values of sustainability and effectiveness.

Adding to this narrative, Drunk Elephant embodies the philosophy of “Minimalism Meets Efficacy” with its commitment to a “clean-clinical” approach focusing on biocompatible ingredients that mimic natural skin substances to minimize irritation and maximize effectiveness. Drunk Elephant’s strategy of using a smaller number of highly effective products dovetails with the skin minimalism trend, appealing to consumers who wish to simplify their skincare routines while ensuring high performance and sustainability. This approach not only attracts value-conscious Gen Z but also a broader audience seeking simplicity and purity in their beauty regimes.

3. Beauty and Wellness Unity:

Slogan: “Whole Beauty, Whole Wellness”

The “Beauty and Wellness Unity” trend reflects the converging paths of the beauty industry and wellness culture, where there is a growing emphasis on holistic approaches to skincare that promote overall well-being. This trend underscores the recognition that beauty is not just about aesthetics but also about the overall health of the body and mind. It highlights a shift towards products and routines that are not only about enhancing appearance but also about nurturing and enhancing one’s overall health.

This includes the use of products that incorporate both cosmetic and therapeutic benefits, such as ingredients that calm the skin while enhancing its appearance, or routines that are designed to be both pampering and beneficial for mental health. This holistic approach is gaining traction as more consumers seek comprehensive solutions that address both their beauty and wellness needs simultaneously.

In line with global trends, Shiseido is blurring the lines between beauty and wellness, introducing products that contribute to overall health.

Shiseido’s Ginza Body Care line emerges as a model of this philosophy, offering a range of products meticulously designed to harmonize and enhance the body’s natural beauty while supporting physical and mental wellness. From luxuriously hydrating lotions to therapeutic body balms, each product in the Ginza Body Care line is infused with natural extracts and advanced formulations that deliver both immediate relief and long-term health benefits, ensuring that beauty care transcends the superficial to become a truly integral part of personal wellness

4. Co-Created Personalization

Slogan: “Your Beauty, Your Way”

The trend of “Co-Created Personalization” in beauty signifies a major shift towards more consumer-driven product development, where consumers are not just passive recipients but active participants in creating personalized beauty solutions. This approach leverages technology and direct consumer input to tailor products to individual needs, preferences, and unique beauty goals. By involving consumers in the creation process, brands can develop more effective and personally relevant products. This not only enhances consumer satisfaction but also fosters a deeper connection between brands and their customers, as they see their specific desires and feedback directly shaping the products they use.

Personalization in beauty products isn’t just about addressing individual aesthetic needs but also about creating a personal connection with consumers. Shiseido is investing in technologies and formulations that allow consumers to have a hand in creating their ideal beauty solutions. 

Within this framework, IPSA’s initiative stands out, offering a “co-creation of your own recipe” service. This innovative feature allows customers to work closely with beauty consultants to create customized skincare formulations tailored precisely to their unique skin conditions and concerns. By integrating customer feedback and preferences into the product development process, IPSA not only meets the specific needs of individuals but also enhances the overall consumer experience, making personalization truly personal and dynamic

5. Cultured Travels

Slogan: “Embracing Culture, Empowering Beauty”

The “Cultured Travels” trend emphasizes the blending of global beauty standards and local cultural elements, highlighting how travel influences beauty norms and product offerings. This trend reflects a growing consumer appetite for beauty products and experiences that embody the essence of their travel destinations. It celebrates the diversity of beauty practices around the world and encourages the incorporation of regional ingredients and traditional beauty rituals into mainstream products. This not only caters to the adventurous spirit of modern consumers but also respects and elevates local traditions, making them accessible to a global audience.

Recognizing the diverse needs of global travelers, Shiseido is tailoring its offerings to reflect the cultural nuances and beauty rituals of different regions. This approach not only enriches the travel retail experience but also celebrates global beauty diversity.

Adding to this celebration of cultural diversity, Shiseido has introduced “From Shiseido, With Love,” a campaign that highlights exclusive product lines inspired by various travel destinations. Each product within this range incorporates elements from the local flora and traditional practices, effectively capturing the unique essence of each location. This initiative not only offers consumers a taste of different cultures through beauty products but also fosters a deeper appreciation of global beauty traditions, enhancing the overall experience of discovery and connection

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