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Airy Moisture set to become a major brand pillar for Moroccanoil

By Laura Shirk

The release of the brand’s exclusive haircare line Airy Moisture has solidified its footprint in Asia

Having previously returned to pre-pandemic levels in Europe and the Americas, leading beauty brand Moroccanoil expects to see the same results in Asia by the end of this year. According to Sebastien Levi, Vice President Global Travel Retail at the company, Moroccanoil’s growth in the first quarter of 2024 exceeded expectations and ranked higher than in recent years (the brand experienced triple-digit growth in Q1 2023 vs. Q1 2022). Levi says this can be explained by the release of its haircare line Airy Moisture, in addition to the strong performance of its travel retail sets and their introduction into new locations including Sydney, Australia, with Gebr. Heinemann, and expansion at Hong Kong and Singapore airports with The Shilla Duty Free.

Airy Moisture: haircare line and brand pillar

With a focus on expanding its presence in Asia, as well as entering the Chinese market, the launch of Airy Moisture last year served as Moroccanoil’s first regional development. When asked about the consumer response and how the company will promote this strategic move in 2024, Levi says the release has solidified its footprint in Asia and helped to increase awareness, sales and repeat purchases. The brand intends to further develop the franchise this year, with related sets, promotions and events. “Airy Moisture is truly expected to become a major pillar of the brand in Asia, and the initial response by consumers proves this ambition to be correct. The launch comes at the best possible time in travel retail; as the channel bounces back in the region, Asian passengers are starting to return to Europe and America,” says Levi. Consisting of an exclusive formula, the range has been crafted with local hair needs in mind.

The introduction of the brand at Sephora in China also represents a milestone for Moroccanoil. This move will lead to greater travel retail opportunities in the region, mainly in mainland China and Hainan. Airy Moisture is considered a major element to capitalize on the brand’s consumer base there.

Sebastien Levi at Moroccanoil says travel sets provide an opportunity to “bring hair and body under one roof,” which is a message that is consistent with the brand’s strategy

Travel retail sets and APAC openings

Discussing travel retail sets and exclusive lines, Levi notes that the brand’s focus on sets is not limited to Asia – it is a priority worldwide. “This is a way for us to bring differentiation and offer a taste of the brand through passengers’ routine. One specificity in Asia travel retail is that we also have sets with full-size products, which we have less of in Europe. This offers added value to our consumers in the channel, and this is something we intend to continue and reinforce in the years to come,” he explains.

Levi also points out that travel sets provide an opportunity to “bring hair and body under one roof,” which is a message that is consistent with the brand’s strategy to be recognized as not only a hair care brand, but a lifestyle beauty brand.

In the last several months, Moroccanoil has conducted a number of major openings in Asia Pacific including in Hainan with Hainan Tourism Duty Free; Taipei, Taiwan, with Ever Rich Duty Free; and Kansai, Japan, with Lagardère Travel Retail. Generally, the brand has been capitalizing on the self-care trend, with major gains in market share across the region. “With the expanding or our travel sets, we have been able to increase personalization at the point of sale, conveying our strong brand identity in the channel,” shares Levi. “We look forward to strengthening even further our partnerships in travel retail, offering additional services and seizing opportunities such as brushes. The introduction of these so far at select locations has been positive.”

Shifting from retailers to airlines, Moroccanoil emphasizes that inflight business remains key to its overall travel retail vision, especially in Asia where it continues to be a major force. Early on, inflight business served as the number one channel in travel retail for the brand. The company is proud of its presence onboard the catalogues of prestigious airlines including Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and Korean Airlines and looks forward to also strengthening these partnerships in the future.

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