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A look at Elizabeth Arden's holistic approach to beauty and "Travel with Arden" campaign

By Laura Shirk

Elizabeth Arden’s travel pitstop at Changi Airport in partnership with The Shilla Duty Free is a one-stop-shop for passengers to receive travel beauty tips and complimentary skin hydration services

Seeing the opportunity to create portable, easy to carry products for women on the go, Elizabeth Arden developed the first travel-size beauty products more than a century ago. One year later, the brand became the first name in the cosmetics business to host a team of traveling demonstrators and saleswomen. Providing a quick history lesson, Joey Hoo, Marketing Director, Asia Pacific Travel Retail at the company, shares these early concepts pioneered by the founder and forward thinker are deeply rooted in the brand. “Elizabeth Arden products address various skin concerns and the need for a beauty routine; the versatility of use and ease of carrying are also principles entrenched in our product development,” says Hoo.

As shared by Hoo, the brand’s top three product ranges recommended for travelers on the go: Capsules serum range, Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant and Prevage range (includes Prevage Anti-Aging Daily Serum 2.0 and Prevage City Smart Broad Spectrum SPF Hydrating Shield). The brand’s best-selling collection consists of seven different serum capsules that serve targeted skin solutions, packed and sealed in biodegradable and eco-friendly casings. Each capsule comes in a one-time dosage easy to use on the move.

Speaking about the best beauty hacks when it comes to travel, Hoo notes in addition to drinking water and staying hydrated, especially when experiencing harsh environments, frequent skin hydration helps to boost appearance. “We recommend the Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist, which comes in a convenient TSA-friendly size spray bottle to spritz on anytime, anywhere. Powered by our superfruit blend, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, the mist instantly revitalizes the skin with a soothing touch of hydration. A great refresh companion for all types of weather conditions, it’s perfect to use on top of makeup or sun block,” she says.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage range features Prevage City Smart Broad Spectrum SPF Hydrating Shield

“Travel with Arden” global campaign

The 2024 “Travel with Arden” brand campaign in collaboration with French artist Chloe Fleury, showcases paper constructed cityscapes and the Arden woman on her happy travels. “The use of famous international landmarks and the featuring of the Arden woman from different ethnic backgrounds mark the global diversity of ‘Travel with Arden.’ This holistic 360° campaign serves to animate the brand with in travel retail with a focus on our best-selling travel essentials,” says Hoo.

Described as colorful, fun and attention-grabbing, the campaign visuals enable the brand to attract new consumers and promote its skincare travel hacks. According to Hoo, the company adapts the campaign locally and customizes its presentation and engagement strategy in order to best suit the demographic and consumer base. “With our creative retailtainment twist, we aim to bring more smiles and happy memories to our customers, thereby fostering closer relationships with them,” she adds.

The brand’s best-selling collection consists of different serum capsules that serve targeted skin solutions, packed and sealed in biodegradable and eco-friendly casings

Travel pitstop at Changi Airport

Elaborating on the brand’s travel pitstop concept at Changi Airport and partnership with The Shilla Duty Free, Hoo calls the pop-up a one-stop-shop for passengers to receive travel beauty tips, complimentary skin hydration services and the chance to purchase Elizabeth Arden travel essential beauty products. Travelers are invited to benefit from an oxygen blast hydration boost featuring the brand’s hydrating mist, as well as hydration services via the self-service dispensing machines on-site. Visitors also receive a complimentary “Travel with Arden” travel journal; plus, shoppers who spend over US$50 are entitled to a collectible foldable shopping bag. Additional gifts are available for those who purchase at higher tiers.

“Singapore Changi Airport is an extremely important transit airport in Asia Pacific. With the ease of travel restrictions, the number of passengers traveling into Singapore has increased by leaps and bounds, making Singapore the best location to debut this activation. By bringing our first travel pitstop concept to Changi Airport in partnership with Changi Airport Group and The Shilla Duty Free, we are able to showcase Elizabeth Arden’s unique services and travel-friendly beauty products to world class travelers in the region,” he explains.

The response to the travel pitstop at Changi Airport has been overwhelmingly positive. Hoo says those passing by are interested in testing the services available. As a result of increased interactive engagement, they also want to learn more about the brand’s products and travel beauty tips. It is evident that the concept is a successful tool for recruiting new customers.

“Through the ‘Travel with Arden’ campaign, we realized that customers are more willing to try new products and make purchases after receiving a service and beauty advice. We will continue to seek new ways to delight our customers with interactive experiences. We will also continue to innovate the campaign each year, such that there is always something new and exciting to look out for,” concludes Hoo.

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