April 3 2024  |  Fragrances, Cosmetics, Skincare & Haircare

KROMA introduces new travel-friendly vegan skincare line

By Laura Shirk

KROMA Makeup Face & Body Pomade Box

Founded in 2000 by Lee Cristou, President at KROMA Makeup, the brand has been in the mix long before the current category demand for natural ingredients. Originally from Greece and raised by the ocean and on a healthy diet, Cristou says she recognized early on the need for makeup’s creation with the health-conscious consumer in mind.

Offering versatility – from everyday wear to professional and post-op use – and ideal for any skin condition, the KROMA collection is unique due to its rich pigment, durability, high-grade minerals and natural preservatives. The company boasts more than 200 shades and formulas and is involved in the design, formulating and packaging of all products.

Having successfully fought an attack on its trademark, Cristou says the name KROMA has an even deeper meaning today. “Our fortitude and love for what we do has helped others and we want to bring that passion to the industry, while helping travelers on a more personalized level,” she explains. “The refillable and travel options we’ve always carried have now increased to accommodate travel retail.”

When asked what other category trends the brand expects to see in 2024, the celebrity makeup artist references her two decades of experience providing one-on-one educational sessions in-studio. “We find the consumer still looks for a customized experience. In a fast-paced world, consumers desire that individualized touch and thirst for more education and knowledge to elevate their beauty routine. So, we don’t doubt this will continue to be the case,” shares Cristou.

Featured here first, KROMA has released its new vegan skincare line. The collection consists of the following: Daily Moisturizer, Face & Body Pomade, Neck cream, tinted Vitamin E balm and Vitamin C serum. Select products are available in new travel-friendly packaging.

“Our vegan line is now adorned in sleek, modern packaging, reflecting the innovation within. It combines age-old wisdom with modern innovation for a truly transformative experience. We infuse a natural retinol found on a Greek Isle, so consumers worldwide can feel the luxurious touch of Greece on their skin,” she says.

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