March 27 2024  |  Fragrances, Cosmetics, Skincare & Haircare

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté introduces Black Opium Over Red

By GTR Magazine Editor

Black Opium is commanding a standout presence in EMEAI airports

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté has marked the tenth anniversary of its iconic Black Opium perfume with the introduction of an “ultra-sensorial” Eau de Parfum, Black Opium Over Red.

Said to take the popular fragrance to the next level, the new perfume is described as “strikingly disruptive, wildly artistic”. It is available now in airports in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India (EMEAI), backed by a highly visible campaign designed to exude sensuality and maximize the red wave impact.

The campaign features Zoë Kravitz, encouraging a multisensorial journey of the fragrance and presenting a Black Opium Over Red woman who is “confident and deliberatively seductive”.

The Black Opium Over Red bottle encapsulates the essence of Yves Saint Laurent, “an ode to the Opium heritage, combined with the codes of today’s youth”. Black tones mixed with deep reds create a hypnotic effect, ultra-precious and edgy.

Black Opium Over Red marks the iconic fragrance's tenth anniversary

For the fragrance itself, the iconic coffee signature turns red thanks to a unique ingredient: the cherry. For the first time, Black Opium white floral accord features a Jasmine Ourika Accord, capturing the unique olfactory quality of the flowers grown in Yves Saint Laurent Beauté’s Ourika Community Gardens, near Marrakesh. At the heart, the sensual notes of black tea create the essence of sophistication and pleasure, with the fragrance giving away to hypnotizing base notes, where the coffee meets premium vanilla and scented wood, creating notes of bold vibrancy.

In travel retail, all podiums serve as an invitation for visitors to immerse themselves in the world of the Black Opium Over Red, including its iconic cherry star ingredient. The bottle's couture-inspired design not only enhances the cross-selling of the brand's makeup ranges but also provides a captivating retail experience. To enhance the consumer experience, the brand has set up a dedicated makeup station where consumers can receive a complete Over Red look through a comprehensive makeup service consultation and application. This service is available at every animation, with a dedicated makeup plate offering the Black Opium Over Red look, as worn by Zoë Kravitz in the campaign.

The brand also offers a gaming experience where travelers can enjoy a Black Opium Over Red flipper game, which is also accessible on smartphones. This interactive game allows users to discover the fragrance’s key ingredient.

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