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Nuxe introduces anti-aging Nuxuriance Ultra Alfa [3R] range

By Laura Shirk

Nuxe introduces anti-aging Nuxuriance Ultra Alfa [3R]

French natural cosmeceutical brand Nuxe has launched the Nuxuriance Ultra Afla [3R] range in travel retail.

Introducing six new products, the launch follows the success of the brand’s anti-aging products, Merveillance Lift and Super Serum [10].

The new products are said to be inspired by the “extraordinary power of nature” and feature a powerful natural-origin technology which is exclusive to Nuxe. According to the brand, it was challenged to create an anti-aging formula more effective than retinol without using synthetic ingredients, and consistent with Nuxe’s commitment to only creating sustainable products of natural origin.

Nuxuriance Ultra Alfa [3R] Technology(1) is created with three patented elements using three natural-origin ingredients: Alfafa seed extract, an organic regenerative plant with powerful anti-aging benefits; Hyaluronic Acid, with a light molecular weight and powerful action for smoother and plumper skin and Heromocallis Fulva, an extract from Orange Daylily with antioxidant benefits.

The new skincare solution has no contra-indications making it safe for all skin types. The 3R in the name references the advanced technology used to target the main signs of aging which are wrinkles, sagging, lack of firmness and lack of radiance.

Nuxe noted results from consumer tests which revealed that from the first application, skin is instantly plumper for 81% of users and toned for 85%(2). After one month of use, 76% of users said that wrinkles appeared smoothed, while skin appeared tightened for 90% and firmer for 96%(3).

The formula offers an update of the scent of the existing Nuxuriance Ultra range with notes of orange blossom, raspberry and sandalwood.

Underlining its commitment to sustainability, Nuxe has kept the use of cardboard and plastic in Nuxuriance Ultra packaging to a minimum. The range is vegan compliant and uses a minimum of 95%(4) natural ingredients which are safety and quality checked through the DNA traceability and authenticity verification agency DNA Gensee.

The Nuxuriance Ultra Alfa [3R] range

The 50ml Global Anti-Aging Cream Face Cream is for all skin types and the flagship product of the range. It is formulated to make skin appear instantly plumper and toned from the first application and, after one month of use, for wrinkles to appear smoothed, tightened and firmer.

The 50ml Global Anti-Aging Cream Face Cream SPF 30 is a 2-in-1 cream with a double anti-aging and UVA/UVB protective action, with SPF30. It is formulated to prevent premature skin ageing and to plump and tone the skin.

The 50ml Global Anti-Aging Rich Cream targets dry to very dry skin while the 50ml Global Anti-Aging Night Cream repairs and regenerates the skin. After 28 days users can find their skin revitalized and firmer after two months.

The 15ml tube Targeted Eye and Lip Contour Cream offers a complete 2-in-1 treatment for the eye contour and lips enriched in botanical caffeine, that targets expression lines around the eyes and mouth. Wrinkles appear smoothed, skin revitalized and dark surface circles decreased after just two months of use.

The 30ml Dark Spot Correcting Serum Bottle is enriched with Vitamin C and niacinamide to help reduce the appearance of dark spots while bringing smoothness and radiance to the complexion. Skin can appear more even after just two weeks of use for 86% of women*.

Caroline Goix, Nuxe Travel Retail Global Sales & Marketing Manager, said, “Nuxe is committed to accelerating our conquest of the growing skincare anti-aging category with product formulations that can genuinely revolutionize their effectiveness in correcting facial wrinkles, sagging, lack of firmness and lack of radiance. With Nuxuriance Ultra’s Alfa [3R] formulation, which is revolutionizing the anti-aging market, our users can enjoy these results after just a few weeks of application”.

(1) Alfa [3R] technology = Alfalfa extract + Hyaluronic acid + Day Lily extract.

(2) Usage test – 21 volunteers. Satisfaction % immediately after application.

(3) Usage test – 21 volunteers. Satisfaction % after 28 days

(4) except for the Nuxuriance Ultra Alfa [3R] SPF 30 Anti-aging Cream.

*Usage test – 21 volunteers. Satisfaction % after 2 weeks

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