February 12 2024  |  Fragrances, Cosmetics, Skincare & Haircare

Penhaligon’s travel retail-exclusive Festival of Flight takes off at Incheon International Airport

By Hibah Noor

The Festival of Flight takes off with The Shilla Duty Free at Incheon International

British perfumer Penhaligon’s has partnered with South Korean travel retailer The Shilla Duty Free to launch the brand’s first-ever travel retail exclusive concept – Festival of Flight – at Incheon International Airport Terminal 2.

Inspired by the early days of aviation, the Festival of Flight pop-up is anchored by a strong sense of place and provides travellers with a one-way ticket to an exclusive olfactory expedition. The concept captures the magic of exploration with old travel contraptions and machines including a hot air balloon, a propeller plane and blimp adorning the space.

The 30sq m activation space encourages consumer engagement via an interactive photobooth activity in which Penhaligon’s takes travellers on a virtual journey from Seoul to London, the home of Penhaligon’s. While on the digital journey, consumers can ‘visit’ iconic landmarks of cities along the way and download a video of their journey to keep as a memento. Customers are invited to share their video on social media and will receive a 10ml handcream as an incentive.

Shoppers can also find their signature scent via a unique Destination Fragrance Profiling experience in which Penhaligon’s fragrance experts pair consumers with their perfect scent.

The Festival of Flight pop-up is anchored by a strong sense of place, offering travelers an exclusive olfactory experience

The Festival of Flight pop-up marks the launch of Penhaligon’s Potions & Remedies collection in South Korea travel retail. The line tells the tale of master apothecarist William Penhaligon, working away in his secret workshop, creating the perfect lineup of remedies, concoctions crafted to channel feelings of serenity, love, vigor, courage and desire: five feelings for five scents.

The collection, known as ‘the forgotten formulas’, features five scents, each distilled with potent powers to excite, cheer, calm or seduce. Vra Vra Vroom invites vigor into one’s life and channels the enthusiasm and energy of a blooming spring. Eau the Audacity allows one to discover their true self through courage in a seductive and strong scent. Liquid Love invokes desire with a fresh and spicy base note that is full of feeling. A Balm of Calm offers a dose of composure with a unique tranquility blend featuring lavender. A Kiss of Bliss delivers elation in a bottle with a spritz of eternal floral bliss.

Several other Penhaligon’s ranges are available to purchase at the pop-up, including the popular British Tales and Portraits fragrance collections, as well as a selection of body & bath products and fragrance discovery sets.

To enhance the consumer experience and commemorate the first-ever Festival of Flight pop-up, Penhaligon’s has developed special gifts-with-purchase that incorporate local Korean culture to evoke a strong sense of place. Shoppers can enjoy an array of exclusive gifts including luggage stickers of iconic Korean landmarks to remind them of their trip in addition to mini fragrance vials, hand creams and a passport pouch. Customers can also indulge in an exclusive limited edition fragrance set – with fun packaging of old travel contraptions – that has been specially curated for the Festival of Flight activation.

Kaatje Noens, Puig Executive Vice President Global Travel Retail, said, “The unique Festival of Flight activation, with a strong sense of place focus, serves as a novel way to explore the world of Penhaligon’s whilst capturing the excitement of travel. We look forward to rolling out this travel retail exclusive concept to more doors over the coming months, and further bringing to life the exploration mindset of William Penhaligon.”

Changha Shin, The Shilla Duty Free Vice President Merchandising Team (TR Business), commented, “We are delighted to partner with Penhaligon’s to launch the first-ever Festival of Flight pop-up in global travel retail at South Korea’s busiest airport. The intriguing animation, with its fun sense of place elements, perfectly aligns with The Shilla Duty Free’s commitment to elevating the travel retail experience by offering exclusive and differentiated services that resonate with travelers.”

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