January 30 2024  |  Fragrances, Cosmetics, Skincare & Haircare

Prada opens new beauty counter at La Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf by DFS

By Hibah Noor

Bringing Prada Beauty to Paris: A new counter opens at La Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf by DFS

L’Oréal Travel Retail beauty brand Prada has opened a new counter at La Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf by DFS, highlighting its multi-axis offering which includes fragrances, skincare and makeup.

Prada launched Prada Beauty in August 2023, intent on bringing its “artistic vision and cutting-edge outlook to the world of beauty, opening new avenues for experimentation, imagination, and self-reinvention”. Combining avant-garde technologies and uncompromising creativity, Prada Beauty “seeks to challenge existing conventions and expectations to offer a modern vision of beauty”. By rethinking both Skin and Color, Prada Beauty creates new possibilities for self-expression, through a range of tech-augmented and fashion-curated products, active ingredients, and textures.

Prada Skin offers a holistic and customizable routine, from skincare to complexion, while Prada Color forms a multidimensional makeup spectrum. Realized in tandem, these two collections are said to represent “the very essence of Prada, reconciling minimalism and maximalism, sophistication and playfulness, simplicity and versatility, drawing from both heritage and technology for formulas and packaging that bring luxury and responsibility into harmonious conversation”.

From the packaging to the formulas they contain, luxury, functionality and responsibility highlight every aspect of the Prada Beauty collection through precise shapes, fashion-curated colors and smart textures. Developed with refillability as a key pillar, Prada said its Prada Beauty offers a refillable mechanism that is both intuitive and efficient: “user experience is optimized, while reducing the impact on the environment”.

La Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf by DFS is described as the “perfect setting” for Prada Beauty’s avant-garde vision of beauty. An open counter – the first in France and inaugurated on October 11, 2023 – features the emblematic Prada green alongside the checked floors. Vistors are invited to interact with all products, from skincare to makeup. Prada’s entire fragrance range is also available: Prada Paradoxe, Prada Luna Rossa, Prada Les Infusions and Prada Olfactories.

Amael Blain, DFS Group Senior Vice President Beauty, said, “DFS is proud to have partnered with Prada Beauty on their first counter in France at Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf by DFS, to provide a luxurious, avant-garde vision of beauty activated by tech and encapsulated by Prada’s DNA to our customers.

“As a company with a long history of collaborating with the world’s most prestigious luxury brands across its global network, DFS expects that the new Prada Beauty counter at Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf by DFS sets new heights of unparalleled, customized beauty experiences for luxury travelers.”

Niels Juhl, L’Oréal Travel Retail Europe, Middle East, Africa, India General Manager commented, “We are extremely proud to launch Prada Beauty at La Samaritaine Paris Pont-Neuf as one of the pioneering stores in Travel Retail EMEAI. This new collection launch within our compelling space reaffirms our enduring partnership with DFS and the introduction of Prada Beauty stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.”

Through Adapto.gn Smart Technology, a multi-potent complex that helps skin adapt to its environment in real-time, Prada Beauty capitalizes on skin’s innate resilience, helping it adapt to its environment while providing quality care instantly and over time. With a cleanser, essence, serum, cream, and foundation, each component of Prada Skin is designed to recalibrate and enhance the skin’s natural functions.

Prada Color brings a new dimension to makeup, fusing fashion and tech-augmented textures. Delving into the brand’s runway shows as well as its fashion archive – which holds some 27,000 textiles and patterns – for inspiration, the lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes showcase an unexpected curation of pigments in dynamic finishes with strong synergies between fashion and beauty. The best-selling Prada Monochrome lipcolor reinvents the brand’s signature materials – Saffiano leather and Re-Nylon – to offer two perspectives of matte.

Prada Color is tech-augmented, with avant-garde technologies at the core of Prada’s SMART TECH-XTURES designed to provide hyper flexible, blendable, breathable yet durable wear with over-time care. Through a rich dialogue between physical pigments and digital colors, Prada Color offers an experimental spectrum of IRL-URL expressions, offering the tools for consumers to explore and express all the different shades and facets of themselves.

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