November 28 2023  |  Fragrances, Cosmetics, Skincare & Haircare

NUXE launches Sweet Lemon range, targeting Gen Z with natural skincare

By Wendy Morley

NUXE Sweet Lemon range, infused with a lemon meringue aroma, targets the Gen-Z market

In a bold move targeting the vibrant Gen-Z demographic, renowned beauty brand NUXE has unveiled its latest organic skincare line – the Sweet Lemon range. This innovative collection, infused with a delightful lemon meringue aroma, is a testament to NUXE's commitment to combining sensory pleasure with the benefits of nature.

The Sweet Lemon range, which marks a significant pivot in NUXE's product strategy, consists of three key products: a 50ml Hand and Nail Cream, a 4g Lip Stick, and a 15ml Lip Balm. Each product in this line is a blend of natural ingredients and is distinguished by its certified organic formula.

Sweet Lemon is a clear departure from NUXE's established lip care products Very Rose with rose oil extract and Reve de Miel with honey

Caroline Goix, Global Sales & Marketing Manager at NUXE Travel Retail, stated: “Sweet Lemon, which targets Generation Z consumers with eco-responsible hand and lip care products, delivers an adventurous sensoriality that distinguishes it clearly from our established lip care products Very Rose with rose oil extract and Reve de Miel with honey, making it an attractive alternative for Generation Z consumers who want a premium product that is different, delectable, effective and natural.

“Our local markets’ communication has spoken directly to them through typical Generation Z platforms such as IG and TiKTok. Their response has been fantastic, and we expect Generation Z travellers to very quickly pick up on this range in travel retail where we believe it can benefit from a double visibility in some shops: in our own spaces but also in separate store zones such Beauty To Go.”

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