November 24 2023  |  Fragrances, Cosmetics, Skincare & Haircare

Mavala's ultimate guide to beauty features skincare-infused make-up range

By Laura Shirk

Based on a formula full of active ingredients, Mavala’s Serum Foundation is available in eight shades

Earlier this year, among a new slate of products to the market, Swiss beauty brand Mavala introduced the Mini Bio-Color collection, its first range of bio-sourced nail polishes which are made up of 85% natural-origin ingredients. Based on a more natural formula with raw materials of plant and mineral origin, the collection features 12 shades and provides long-lasting hold and shine. According to the company, the addition of fortifying silicone improves the quality of nails. The line is now available in global travel retail.

With 60 years of expertise, Mavala follows a philosophy dedicated to care and beauty and sells more than 12 million products annually worldwide. Available in more than 100 countries on five continents, it offers 700 SKUs translated into 30 languages. Founded on the concept of problem-solution since its beginning, the brand’s portfolio delivers clean beauty solutions from head-to-hand-to-toe.

Mavala’s Perfect Concealer stimulates blood microcirculation and comes in ergonomic and eco-designed packaging

Skincare-infused make-up

Newly launched, Mavala’s skincare-infused make-up range includes Serum Foundation, Perfect Concealer and Magic Powder. Said to beautify and unify complexion, Serum Foundation comes in eight shades and is based on a formula full of active ingredients including the Swiss Mallow flower to smooth skin. Targeting dark circles and imperfections, Perfect Concealer stimulates blood microcirculation, strengthens the skin barrier and is described as offering the power of two serums in one concealer. It comes in ergonomic and eco-designed packaging. Both new products have been clinically shown to improve the quality and appearance of skin within one month of application. Finally, suitable for all skin tones, Magic Powder features an anti-blue light benefit to protect skin against urban and digital pollution.

According to Doris Maute Bobillier, CEO at Mavala, with beauty and wellness becoming more interconnected, there is a stronger focus on products’ ability not only to enhance natural appearance, but also promote mental and physical wellbeing. This often leads to a brand experience centered on trusted values. With consumers increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of beauty products, Maute Bobillier says Mavala is exploring eco-friendly packaging, sustainable sourcing of ingredients and green manufacturing practices to align with this trend, as well as AI tools.

Mavala’s Magic Powder features an anti-blue light benefit

Educational tools and lifestyle practices

More than a beauty brand, Mavala serves as an educational source on exercise, hygiene and lifestyle practices. The company designs traveler-friendly product sets that feature multi-lingual explanations or QR codes that link to educational videos and information. These materials cover topics such as hand exercises, skincare routines, how-tos and habits for healthy nails and skin.

Speaking about how the company promotes its educational side in travel retail Maute Bobillier comments, “The brand has always put emphasis on teaching users about how to identify their skin, nail or lash concerns, both online and offline, to inform and engage consumers, including travelers. This includes via brochures, in-store displays and digital media where advice related to its beauty and wellbeing products are shared, as well as exclusive live demonstrations that offer travelers a relaxing and educational experience at the same time.”

Global Travel Retail Magazine spoke with Hélène de Chastenet, Area Sales Manager at Mavala, in Cannes last month about the launch of the brand’s skin-infused make-up range. In line with Maute Bobillier’s comments, de Chastenet said, “What is important at Mavala is that we want to use caring ingredients in every product. This includes our make-up line.”

Speaking from experience, de Chastenet added that women who use Serum Foundation and Perfect Concealer find the products easy to apply and benefit from greater skin vitality.

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