August 31 2023  |  Fragrances, Cosmetics, Skincare & Haircare

The L'Occitane Group announces B Corp certification

By Laura Shirk

The L'Occitane Group has announced that it is now a certified B Corporation, building on the Group’s ongoing commitment to creating positive change by empowering the communities it invests in, protecting biodiversity, reducing waste and mitigating climate change. With this certification, the Group joins a global community of like-minded businesses that share a collective vision of creating an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy to be a force for good in the world.

What sets B Corp apart is that it measures and verifies a company’s entire social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. During its two-year journey to certification, the Group rigorously evaluated its impact on all its stakeholders – including employees, the wider community, suppliers, customers and shareholders, as well as the environment – in its offices, factories, stores and supply chain.

‘We warmly welcome the L'Occitane Group to our community of over 6,900 innovative companies catalyzing a more inclusive and regenerative economy," said Jonathan Normand, Executive Director of B Lab Switzerland. "Their commitment to biodiversity and sustainable value chain is commendable and aligns with B Movement interdependence principles. The L'Occitane Group is not only enhancing their own impact, but also working to transform the beauty industry with other B Corps. We applaud their dedication to using business as a force for good."

B Corp certification builds on the Group’s ongoing social and environmental commitment, which has expanded from its factories in France to reach all areas of the business worldwide. Integrating sustainability across the business starts with embedding social and environmental considerations into the Board’s responsibilities. The next steps have included implementing programmes to support employees’ mental and physical health, reducing the company’s and its products’ environmental footprint, and integrating customer feedback to improve quality and, ultimately, to promote good health for body, mind and planet.

Adrien Geiger, Chief Sustainability Officer at the L'Occitane Group, said, "We have championed sustainability since 1976. Today we are incredibly excited to join this group of businesses that share our ethos – harnessing the power of business to build stronger communities, reduce economic inequality, and create a more sustainable environment for everyone."

The Group’s mission is to positively impact people and regenerate nature through empowerment. B Corp certification will help it to keep pushing for better as it pursues its long-term ambition to create a nature-positive world.

André Hoffmann, CEO of the L'Occitane Group, said, "B Corp certification highlights our evolution as a business and our clear, collective focus on the triple bottom line. By leveraging our unique position as a responsible, successful global business, we can exercise influence and drive long-term positive change throughout the world."

Reinold Geiger, Chairman of the L'Occitane Group, added, "We are thrilled to be B Corp certified. B Corp is one of the only global standards that assesses an entire business, and it is a stamp of approval for companies acting in a sustainable way. A heartfelt thank you to our employees and partners for their support in reaching this important milestone and for the part they continue to play in helping us to be better every day."

The L'Occitane Group looks forward to engaging with purpose-led businesses across all sectors as it seeks to lead systemic change. By sharing best practices, it intends to help other businesses consider the impact of their decisions on all stakeholders in the long term, evaluating where and how they can keep improving.

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