August 17 2023  |  Fragrances, Cosmetics, Skincare & Haircare

Men’s grooming brand 99ML by Horstmann makes airport retail debut with Dufry

By GTR Magazine Staff

Products from the 99ML by Horstmann range

Danish sustainable men’s grooming brand 99ML by Horstmann has made an entry into airport retail with Dufry Group. Five brand sets, containing combinations of 18 individual 99ML men’s grooming products, are now on sale with the retailer at Sharjah International Airport in the UAE and Bangalore Kempegowda International Airport in India.

All individual products in the sets, as the name suggests, are 99-ml by volume, making them airport security compliant (under the worldwide airport maximum 100-ml for liquids rule) and perfect for male travelers who prefer to avoid taking unnecessary bulky grooming items on their trips. Each product is vegan (certified by The Vegan Society), organic and packaged in recyclable materials.

Examples of the sets from the brand now available in travel retail with Dufry include the Vital Travel Kit (containing premium quality Eau de Toilette, Facial Serum and Deodorant) and the Beard Grooming Travel Set (containing Eau de Toilette, Beard Shampoo and Beard Polish).

Horstmann 99ML is made in Italy, with the fragrance which runs through the products developed in Milan. Manufacturing is carried out in the Vicenza-Padua-Venice area, a region known for producing the planet’s best cosmetic products.

The brand was created by CEO Johan Horstmann, who is an MBA graduate from Copenhagen and London Business Schools. He switched from a successful 20-year career in finance to build the brand, targeting primarily the travel retail market, as well as pre-flight shoppers in domestic markets.

Of the new airport business with Dufry, he said, “We are over the moon to have Dufry as a key travel retail customer and given their great reputation, scope and size this is a landmark moment for the business after the difficult years of the pandemic – not the best time to build a new travel brand, but we kept believing and persistence has paid off.

“We have started out with Dufry in Sharjah and Bangalore, and the early sales are very promising, helped by our investment in brand ambassadors; we also have plans for activations in both locations. Dufry is already proving to be a hyper professional retail partner and the potential is there to expand to many other locations around the airport world. Their centralized computer network for ordering makes it easy and smooth for any location to get supplies of 99ML by Horstmann products.”

Horstmann notes that men have traditionally spent only a bit more than 10% compared to women on toiletries and grooming. However, he says, this is fast changing as the male market is now outgrowing the women’s market. Coming from about US$140 billion 2020, observers expect it to grow to US$ 183 billion by 2027 – a CAGR of about 4%. The male hair care and shaving segments have an ever faster expected CAGR of close to 5%.

Horstmann’s emerging brand is well-placed to take advantage of this rising demand. Of the 99ML by Horstmann products and their fit with travel retail, Horstmann said, “We are the world’s only brand that caters solely for airline passengers. The 100-ml rule for airport security is a de facto standard in the world now and with the 99ML by Horstmann products in their hand luggage, male travelers are assured to have what they need for their trip, be it for business or pleasure.

“With consumers demanding brands which put sustainability at the forefront, not least in travel retail, our products hit the mark with their vegan, organic and recyclable nature. With a premium look, attractive pricing and high-quality scents and ingredients for the products, these qualities combined are resonating with other travel retailers, and we look forward to announcing more new business in airport retail in the coming months.”

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