March 7 2023  |  Fragrances, Cosmetics, Skincare & Haircare

​Cartier unveils third boutique at Paris Charles de Gaulle

By GTR Magazine Staff

Cartier's third boutique is located in the shopping atrium on the first floor of Terminal 1

Cartier has unveiled a new boutique in Terminal 1, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. The new location makes it the third Cartier boutique at the Parisian airport, with two existing stores in Terminal 2.

"The launch bolsters Cartier Travel Retail’s multi-terminal strategy, which serves to inspire a greater and more diverse client base traveling with premium airlines and on long-haul flights," states a press release.

"The boutique is located at the heart of the prestige shopping atrium on the first floor, anchoring the jeweler’s position as a first-class Maison for luxury travelers. The modern boutique celebrates the essence of Paris and Cartier’s classic codes, providing a sophisticated canvas to showcase the Maison’s diverse range. The contemporary store concept has been transformed for travelers, and perfectly complements the re-modeled experience delivered by the terminal reopening and supports Groupe ADP’s retail and hospitality concept, Extime."

A prominent Cartier fragrance space is located only a few steps away from the new boutique, which carries the Maison’s full Cartier product universe.

"Once inside, the Cartier panther fresco catches the eye as the key design feature. Guiding the way through the city of Paris, the panther takes clients on a journey to discover the savoir-faire of the Maison through the work of straw marquetry, the patina and the refined fabrics selected.

"Clients are greeted by the store’s animation and novelty area. Expanding around a fluted plaster column and covered with a golden patina chandelier, the chic setting introduces seasonal activations and houses the latest collections. In the jewelry universe, red fabrics dress the walls to reinforce the classic codes of the Maison. Nearby, warm tones of wood species and bronze wallpaper exudes a relaxing and inviting feeling for clients to browse Cartier’s leather goods and accessories. The boutique also features dedicated universes for the Maison’s watches, gifting collections and fragrance offer. The Cartier experience is completed with a prestige selection of services, such as quick shining and engraving services."

Virginie Martignac, Cartier Global Travel Retail Director, said, “We are pleased to debut the Cartier boutique in the newly renovated and modern Terminal 1 of Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Developed with travelers’ needs in mind, the boutique presents a contemporary and elevated luxury airport shopping experience influenced by this great city’s artistry and refinement. The boutique is set to inspire travelers with Paris’s joie de vivre through exclusive luxury retail experiences with a charmingly local touch.”

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