March 13 2023  |  Fashion, Bags & Accessories

Travel Blue launches “Our Blue Way” sustainability initiative

By GTR Magazine Staff

With this program, Travel Blue Group will become the most sustainable lifestyle travel accessories company in the world

Travel Blue Group has launched its mission to lead sustainability in the global travel retail accessories market with its initiative, Our Blue Way.

With this program, Travel Blue Group will become the most sustainable lifestyle travel accessories company in the world. Over 50% of products sold this year will be made from recycled or recyclable material and this will increase as technology develops.

Daniel Levin, Managing Director, Travel Blue Group

Our Blue Way represents a big step change in building our future business,” says Managing Director, Daniel Levin. “We have always led the way with recycling. Twenty-five years ago we were the first and only company to use recycled cardboard packaging whilst others used plastic. We were also the first to use soy-based ink and are leading the way again, extending our sustainability philosophy further and as rapidly as possible. We are fully committed and will raise the bar for the industry.”

At TFWA Cannes last year, Travel Blue Group showcased some of its new recycled and recyclable products. Travel Blue neck pillows are now made with a 94% recycled cover, 100% recyclable foam and 100% recycled packaging. The pillows look and feel identical, just as supportive and comfortable as they have always been.

“All our trade partners are delighted we are making this move. Despite the higher cost of recycled materials, we will not increase prices to our customers and clients – we believe it is a vital development for the market and our contribution to the environment. This is an ongoing commitment and as technology improves and new solutions present themselves, we will adapt more of our products.

“We received an excellent reception at TFWA Cannes last year and now we are fully launching the initiative under the Our Blue Way banner. There is scope to grow the category and we will do this in a genuine and responsible way.

“We are a customer driven business. We work hard and create category-leading products and offer top quality levels of service. We also understand today’s travelers who believe in the importance of environmental responsibility and sustainability and make informed purchasing decisions,” adds Levin.

Launched in 1987, Travel Blue Group is a family-owned business and its core values are innovation, the environment and social responsibility. Daniel Levin took over as Managing Director from the Group’s Founder, Avi Levin, who stepped down in 2022 after 35 years of building the travel accessories business.

“Together with the team, I am confident we will drive the business forward, offering consumers innovative products that fulfil their needs, whilst giving operators an enormous opportunity to embrace a sustainable future. Travel Blue accessories have come a long way from simple inflatable pillows to ergonomic, high-quality memory foam to provide travellers not only a relaxing experience but a more ethical option – Our Blue Way,” concludes Daniel.

Travel Blue's Our Blue Way banner

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