July 4 2024  |  Confectionery & Fine Foods

With multi-generational purchasing in mind, Ferrero Travel Market elevates the biscuit category

By Alison Farrington

The latest release from its dedicated La Biscotteria concept, Ferrero Travel Market's Kinderini is aimed at families traveling with young children

Elevating chocolate biscuits for multi-generational purchasing is an enduring strategy for Ferrero Travel Market as Sergio Salvagno, Ferrero Travel Markets General Manager explains.

This year has seen Ferrero launch its newest innovations into the travel retail market including Kinderini, the latest release from its dedicated La Biscotteria concept. Kinderini is aimed at families traveling with young children and the playful designs create a fun sharing moment for all generations. “This game-changing creation takes the heart of the iconic Kinder brand into the biscuit category to create engagement and excitement for younger shoppers,” says Salvagno.

The 18 face designs are the focus of an engaging digital campaign which has been rolled out in global travel retail locations, alongside the launch. By accessing a dedicated gaming platform, shoppers can compete against friends and family to win by mimicking the face of their Kinderini as fast as possible.

Ferrero Travel Market has also introduced a new travel retail exclusive Kinder Mix Koala, combining a sweet treat with a cuddly toy and targeting younger travelers. The toy also combines both play and learning, with a QR code which gives users access to an augmented reality experience and educational content, to inspire young minds. Also new this year, is the Kinder Chocolate Pencil Case, alongside the Kinder Surprise Paw Patrol, created in partnership with the children’s TV phenomenon, which offers 100% Paw Patrol toys in every pack, which younger shoppers can collect and carry around in the specially created suitcase-shaped box.

The Ferrero Rocher Iconic Gift tin is a travel retail exclusive and a response to the trend for premiumization

Iconic gifting

With its well-known golden branding, Ferrero Travel Market is no stranger to the premium gifting space. To further extend this offer into the travel retail channel, Ferrero has introduced the Rocher Iconic Gift tin. This travel retail exclusive features a premium golden tin of Ferrero Rocher ready to share with loved ones and presented in a stunning gifting tin that can be upcycled to create a beautiful decoration.

A big part of Ferrero Travel Market’s activity this year, is to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Nutella. “For travelers, we have celebrated this with the launch of a travel retail exclusive jar design: The Traveler. Crafted specifically for the travel sector, this release features our new 60th anniversary jar design in fully refreshed packaging,” he says.

To give traveling shoppers the chance to embrace the brand’s positivity, Nutella launched its #GiveANutellaSmile campaign for its 60th anniversary, with a travel retail exclusive jar and activations at key airport locations including Luxembourg, Milan Malpensa and Dubai International Airport.

Shoppers who visited the Nutella airport stores and bought a Nutella product were given access to a QR code which took them to a dedicated Nutella 60th Anniversary platform, where they could take a photo with a dedicated backdrop created for each airport. This also provided the chance of winning a special edition Nutella sweater.

The campaign engaged thousands of shoppers across the airports, with hundreds taking the chance to celebrate Nutella’s birthday with a dedicate photo. Luxemburg Airport led the way, with 200 shoppers uploading their photo to the platform.

Now, these photos taken by shoppers are displayed on the Nutella gallery | Travel Market (ferrerotravelmarket.com). Visitors will be able to filter the photos by location, as well as seeing the full range of people who were brought joy by the campaign.

“This dedicated campaign was made possible by our close collaboration with key airport partners and as we look to the future, localized and dedicated campaigns such as this will remain a central part of our plans for travel retail, fully leveraging the power and excitement of our iconic brands to create fun moments for shoppers,” Salvagno adds.

The travel retail channel continues to perform well for Ferrero Travel Market, a major factor contributing to the ongoing development of dedicated products and promotions. Despite lower passenger numbers this year, which remains a concern, the impact on the overall business has been limited so far. “We saw great success last year in Europe, the Americas and MEIA. Asia Pacific has shown good results in the opening months of 2024 and the region is now growing fast. The market there for confectionery and chocolate is still largely untapped, and with the demand for premiumization, products such as our Rocher Iconic Gift tin are perfect to further drive growth,” he says.

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