June 3 2024  |  Confectionery & Fine Foods

Nutella invites travelers to share in 60th birthday celebrations

By Laura Shirk

Nutella celebrates 60 Years of Smiles with Dubai Duty Free

Ferrero Travel Market is making traveling shoppers around the world a part of 60th birthday celebrations for its Nutella brand with a new online space, the Nutella Wall.

Created using photos submitted by shoppers who have engaged with Nutella’s travel retail activations, the Nutella Wall is a unique, personal reflection of the brand’s mission to spread smiles among consumers across the globe.

For six decades millions of consumers around the world have brightened the start of their day with Nutella, as the brand has become what Ferrero Travel Market describes as “an ambassador of positivity and smiles, an icon of happiness and pleasure”. “Nutella’s story is an inspiring one of invention and passion, rooted in entrepreneurship and innovation which has taken the brand from humble beginnings to being a global player,” the company added.

To give traveling shoppers the chance to embrace the brand’s positivity, Nutella launched its #GiveANutellaSmile campaign earlier this year, with a travel retail exclusive jar and activations at key airport locations including Luxembourg, Milan Malpensa and Dubai International Airport.

Nutella launched its #GiveANutellaSmile campaign earlier this year

Shoppers who visited the Nutella airport stores and bought a Nutella product were given access to a QR code which took them to a dedicated Nutella 60th Anniversary platform, where they could take a photo with a dedicated backdrop created for each airport. This also provided the chance of winning a special edition Nutella sweater.

The campaign engaged thousands of shoppers across the airports, with hundreds taking the chance to celebrate Nutella’s birthday with a photo. Luxemburg airport led the way, with 200 shoppers uploading their photo to the platform. The photos will now be used to create an online artwork, featuring the photos taken by shoppers and displayed on a dedicated digital platform. Visitors will be able to filter the photos by location, as well as seeing the full range of people who were brought joy by the campaign.

Sergio Salvagno, Ferrero Travel Markets General Manager, said, “For 60 years, Nutella has been making smiles happen and there is no better way to celebrate this milestone with our travelling consumers than by showcasing the smiles we shared during this year’s celebrations. This dedicated campaign was made possible by our close collaboration with key airport partners and as we look to the future, localized and dedicated campaigns such as this will remain a central part of our plans for travel retail, fully leveraging the power and excitement of our iconic brands to create fun moments for shoppers.”

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