April 11 2024  |  Confectionery & Fine Foods

Ferrero introduces new Kinderini biscuits & more at IAADFS Summit

By Hibah Noor

The new Kinderini campaign encourages travelers to interact by taking photographs of themselves making the different Kinderini facial expressions

Ferrero Travel Market is attending the IAADFS Summit of the Americas, focusing on showcasing the company’s latest developments in biscuits and introducing innovative concepts to enrich the travel retail experience.

This year, Ferrero will partner with Otis McAllister at their booth, highlighting their upcoming Kinderini biscuits, slated for release in the Americas travel retail market in September. 

Sergio Salvagno, General Manager of Ferrero Travel Market, says the Americas has always been a key market, and has proven itself to be a true engine of growth in recent years

While the company has encountered challenges in recovering from reduced Asia Pacific traffic, Ferrero is experiencing significant growth in the Americas, particularly in tourist destinations, with some locations surpassing their 2019 performance. In response, Ferrero has broadened its product range with key regional retailers, launching new products like Nutella Biscuits and Ferrero Rocher Tablets, which have been positively received, effectively doubling Ferrero's offerings in certain areas.

Moreover, Ferrero has aimed to enhance the airport retail experience with seasonal activations at major airports including Los Angeles International and New York JFK, aiming to reinvigorate the appeal of travel retail among returning travelers.

Sergio Salvagno, General Manager of Ferrero Travel Market, highlighted the Americas as a critical market for the confectionery and travel retail industries, stating: “The Americas has always been a key market for both the confectionery sector and the wider travel retail market, and it has proven itself to be a true engine of growth in recent years. We are delighted to be returning to the Summit of the Americas to meet with colleagues and partners, both new and old.

“Like so many regions, the Americas travel retail is seeing growing demand for excitement and engagement, with shoppers seeking out moments that they can both enjoy and share with their friends and family. Our newest releases for the region will speak specifically to this desire, leveraging the power of our globally beloved brands to create something truly special.”

Kinderini represents Ferrero’s latest foray into the biscuit segment, bringing the renowned Kinder brand into a new category aimed at engaging young shoppers. Utilizing high-quality ingredients and technology, Kinderini biscuits feature the familiar taste of Kinder along with 18 unique Kinderino face designs, supporting a digital campaign aimed at creating a playful and competitive environment for travelers. This campaign encourages travelers to interact by photographing themselves creating the Kinderini expressions, providing a unique opportunity for engagement and the chance to win prizes.

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