October 12 2023  |  Confectionery & Fine Foods

Seeberger on the power of snackification and its growing visibility in travel retail

By Laura Shirk

[L-R] Erlande Hagenbusch, Key Account Manager International, Andreas Meindl, Head of Business Unit Retail International, Valeria Reiser, Project & Sales Manager Coordinator Retail International

As the number one German brand for snacks made of premium nuts and dried fruits, it is not surprising that Seeberger is available across many channels like airports, ferries and military retail.

The company tells Global Travel Retail Magazine that 2022 was a pivotal year for its visibility in travel retail.“Exhibiting at TFWA in Cannes last year, was a key milestone in our journey to reinforce our presence in the travel retail environment, as well as present ourselves to new potential business partners. This year, we’re looking forward to presenting our focused travel retail assortment.”

Since the performance of confectionery and fine foods in travel retail is tied to category engagement, which tends to be lacking in the channel, it is noted that Seeberger is working to strengthen its position in this regard. As a leading brand in Germany, with a strong position in many European markets, it understands how to elevate the category. An attention-grabbing presence at the point-of-sales is one of the pillars of its success.

This attention-grabbing presence begins with the brand’s signature striking orange packaging — Seeberger is easy to spot on the shelf from a distance. The brand says its best practices serve as inspiration to empower the category in duty free. In the current culture, digital and physical engagement must go hand and in hand to guide, inform and add value to any given proposal.

“We acknowledge the differences between each channel in travel retail. Besides the classic trade and consumer marketing activations, we always strive to customize options for our partners,” it says.

Seeberger Choco-Cranberry-Mix sweet and salty (150 grams)

Power of snackifaction

As a category driven by moment-led consumption, sharing and gifting, confectionery and fine foods is recognized as an impulse-driven category. Since Seeberger caters to health-conscious consumers, one might think the brand’s sales are less impulse driven; however, this is not the case.

“Our travel retail product range provides the right snack for every life situation, with a special focus on the following needs of our consumers: satisfying hunger, energizing, nerve food and enjoyment. We are positioning these products as a snack. They are not mixed in as an ingredient, but rather snacked on exactly as they are: made by nature and made available to everyone by us,” says the brand.

In one word, the brand is about “snackifaction” – quick and natural snacks for in between meals. Seeberger’s range is always a good choice within this trend. It is shared that healthy eating is not just a trend; it has been here forever and it will remain.

“Snacks are becoming more frequent and mobile,” adds the brand. “Consumers expect them to be healthy because ‘snackification’ trends and healthy eating go hand in hand. Seeberger´s natural snacks are trending now more than ever.”

Seeberger Dried Mango Strips (100 grams)

Channel diversification

As a company, Seeberger has a wider portfolio than snacking fruits and nuts. While some of its items will never enter the channel, the brand still believes diversification is important to travel retail – more specifically, diversification with a focus. “Travel retail is experiencing a behavioral shift among traveling consumers. For example, the shift from gifting to self-consumption is on the rise. This often means consumers are looking for healthy and natural snacking alternatives to be consumed immediately,” shares the brand.

Plus, some travelers are also adjusting to a different time zone, so while some are looking for a breakfast alternative, others might be looking for a healthy snack in between meals, and others might be focused mainly on a cold beverage and want a savory snacking option alongside.

“With Seeberger we can cater to all those demand moments of conscious snacking, with slightly roasted and salted references; ‘free-from’ snacking options, based on high-quality natural nut and fruit mixes; and pure indulgence, with either pure fruits or pure nuts,” it says.

While the company offers a focused travel retail assortment, Seeberger also offers a choice of more than 60 options, from a wide range of pure, all-natural nuts to nut mixes and snack mixes and a vast variety of dried fruits.

Sustainability efforts

Outside of snackification and diversification, sustainability is a major topic of the brand, and social, ecological and economic responsibility are considered explicit aspects of the Seeberger name. The brand communicates its efforts via transparent sustainability reports, which are published on the company’s website, and they communicate brand success stories via its social media channels.

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