September 12 2023  |  Confectionery & Fine Foods

Leonidas extends TR offer with exclusive snacking range

By Hibah Noor

Pochette Mendiants (145-grams) feature 12 dark, milk and white chocolate discs decorated with pecan nut, almond, hazelnut and dried fruits

Belgian chocolatier Leonidas will unveil a travel retail exclusive snacking line at TFWA Cannes in October.

As the main focus for Leonidas at the event, the new range not only adds snacking and sharing to the brand’s traditional gifting line-up, but also expands its offer at dedicated placements such as the checkout area.

“This snacking range targets incremental sales and increased basket size in travel retail and is a strong point of sale product. There is no intention to cannibalize our existing products. This new line complements our core gifting range, which proudly wears our stand-out blue and gold colours.

“We have a strong line-up of products ready for the TFWA World Exhibition and are looking forward to sharing this and other innovations with retailers and guests at the event as confectionery continues to be a leading driver in global travel retail,” says William Legallais, Global Travel Retail Sales Manager, Leonidas.

Leonidas cites research by m1nd-set indicating that at 29% confectionery is one of the most purchased categories globally among duty free shoppers; it claims the second highest footfall (23%) and the second highest conversion rate (48%).

The brand also points out that confectionery sales are back to pre-pandemic levels, particularly in Europe, and the category attracts strong interest from Gen Z and millennial consumers.

Pochette Snacking by Leonidas includes orangettes, crousty, sea shells, stones, mendiants and marshmallows. All products are alcohol and palm-oil free, contain 100% pure cocoa butter and sustainable cocoa and are made in Belgium.

Orangettes feature 14 candied orange peel pieces coated in dark chocolate and mendiants 12 dark, milk and white chocolate discs decorated with pecan nut, almond, hazelnut and dried fruits. The crousty box contains 21 crunchy biscuit and praliné treats, coated in milk and dark chocolate, while stones hold 50 almonds coated with milk, dark or blond chocolate.

The seashells box contains 15 milk chocolates, with praliné and a caramel flavor, and marshmallows offer 8 marshmallows, with floral honey notes coated with dark and milk chocolate.

The snacking range will be available in travel retail from October.

Celebrating its 110th anniversary this year, Leonidas has also revamped its core range to feature its eye-catching blue and gold brand colors, with sleeves added to highlight product details. The brand refresh, in April of this year, aimed to highlight Leonidas’ premium quality and will also be a major feature of the Leonidas stand at Blue Village, D24.

Another newcomer to the Leonidas portfolio to be revealed at the show is a new line for children, which actually targets adults buying for those younger travelers, especially as they return to school after the long summer break.

The colorful range of products will be available in global travel retail from October, with additional treats in the pipeline for next year.

The line centers on eight colorful and fun animals, which are available in various shapes and sizes and include chocolate balls, milk chocolate and marshmallow teddy bears and chocolate pencils. Like all Leonidas chocolates, this new range respects the tradition of Belgian chocolate with the finest ingredients: sustainable chocolate made with 100% pure cocoa butter and palm oil-free.

Packaging also features children’s favorite animals, including lions, unicorns, pandas, dinosaurs, hippopotami and monkeys, in cones, pencil cases, cubes and bags.

Leonidas is also relaunching its popular Napolitains range, which targets gifting and will be on display at TFWA Cannes. The brand will also highlight its strong sustainability strategy.

“Sustainability is an everyday mindset at Leonidas,” Legallais adds. “We place the future of the planet and the satisfaction of our customers on an equal footing and do all we can to produce chocolates and pralines in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

“We are aware that the road is still a long one, but we have already undertaken several steps and made changes that allow us to attain our objective: to contribute to leaving future generations a world that is more sustainable.”

Leonidas has used certified cocoa in its products since October 1, 2021. “Thanks to this certification, the living and working conditions of 2.450 cocoa growers and their families have been improved,” Legallais says.

He also notes that “not only is the cocoa in our chocolate of sustainable origin, but the same is true of our packaging”. The majority of the brand’s cardboard/paper packaging is FSC-certified while using PET or polypropylene, made up of at least 50% recycled materials and 100% recyclable.

Leonidas will also reveal a new kids' line at TFWA Cannes that feature eight colorful and fun animals available in various shapes and sizes; the line include chocolate balls, milk chocolate and marshmallow teddy bears and chocolate pencils

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