September 7 2023  |  Confectionery & Fine Foods

​Guylian to present sustainable travel retail innovations at TFWA Cannes

By Laura Shirk

Guylian's Original Seashells

Belgian chocolate brand Guylian is putting a sustainable stamp on its travel retail range with its new premium collections. It will present its innovations at the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes. With two new premium assortment boxes, namely Les Exclusives (327g) and Belgian Seashells Collection (362g), and the revamped Multi-pack (474g), Guylian meets the specific needs of travelers.

Partly thanks to the relaunch of the Guylian Master's Selection at Cannes last year, Guylian's travel retail range is successfully finding its way into the premium chocolate category. Earlier this year, Guylian introduced the Dark Praliné Seashells to mark the brand's 65th anniversary. The Dark Praliné Seashells are an intense variation on the classic recipe, filled with dark praliné made from in-house roasted hazelnuts and coated in 72% dark Belgian chocolate from 100% Fairtrade cocoa.

Since its rebranding in 2022, the travel retail range can be recognized by its blue-green color referring to the North Sea, where the founders got their inspiration for chocolate seashells in 1958, the famous Brussels skyline in the background as well as the 'traveler's exclusive' stamp on the packaging.

Sven Adriaenssens, Senior Channel Manager Travel Retail & Duty Free at Guylian, said, "Besides a significant expansion of the Travel Retail range - no less than 15 products today - we have also adapted the packaging to the specific needs of travelers with a clear distinction in weight compared to traditional markets (250g)."

See the brand's new innovations below:

Les Exclusives

Les Exclusives are a collection of Guylian's most famous products: the Original Seashells, the Dark Praliné Seashells and the Opus chocolates consisting of the flavors: crispy biscuit and vanilla cream, soft caramel, hazelnut praliné, fruity ganache and cappuccino cream.

Belgian Seashells Collection

This Belgian Seashells Collection is a combination of the Original and Dark Praliné Seashells. For those who like to alternate between the iconic Original Seashells (recognizable by the three-colored marbling of white, dark and milk chocolate) and the intensely dark praline filling of the Dark Praliné Seashells, made from roasted hazelnuts and coated in 72% dark Belgian chocolate from 100% Fairtrade cocoa.


The renewed Multi-pack combines the Original Seashells with the brand new Dark Praliné Seashells.

Guylian's wide travel retail range also includes:

  • Guylian's Master's Selection: these chocolates contain both unexpected and fascinating recipes as well as more classic flavors like the original Guylian praliné, all inspired by the creativity and expertise of Guylian's master chocolatiers. The six praline flavors of Guylian's Master Selection are: Coffee Cardamom, Mocha, Almond Praliné, Caramel Pineapple, Signature Praliné & Orange. Choose between a 117g box with 16 chocolates or a 185g version with 25.
  • The Original Seashells: an all-time classic. Available in portions of 250 grams, 500 grams and a multipack 3+1 of 250 grams each. The entire box and sleeve are in cardboard, which makes all the packaging completely recyclable.
  • The Temptations Mix with six flavors: Original Praliné, Dark Praliné, Milk Truffle, Crunchy Biscuit, Caramel, Coffee. Available in a cylindrical packaging with a stylish fancy new design for 316 grams of chocolate, and a paper bag for 522 grams of goodies. All packaging is fully recyclable.
  • The Multi-Pack Tablets is a collection of the well-known flavors of the classic Guylian Tablets in one mix: Creamy Milk, Salted Caramel, Dark 72% and Dark 72% Raspberry. Each tablet is 100 grams, and consists of four individually wrapped 25 gram portions.
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