February 22 2023  |  Confectionery & Fine Foods

A tale of two tastes: Anthon Berg launches Baileys chocolate bottle line

By Laura Shirk

Chocolate Liqueurs Baileys 24-piece collection

Described as combining the best of two worlds, Anthon Berg’s new Baileys chocolate bottle line creates products of indulgence for adult consumers of all kinds. The desirable blend represents the merging of a pair of strong, high-quality brands and a unique take on the category. The range will be available in three different gift box sizes.

Presented at TFWA World Exhibition 2022 in Cannes, Anthon Berg is the first brand to launch liquid Baileys as filling in chocolate bottles.

André Haunsø Kampmann, International Marketing Manager at Anthon Berg, tells Global Travel Retail Magazine the team has great expectations for the line in travel retail. The team expects to experience incremental growth in main markets across the US, UK, Canada, and France. He says Anthon Berg has been working on the development for over three years, settling on the right flavor and texture.

Baileys Treat Collection

“We had never worked with a cream liqueur [as a chocolate bottle filling]. We have used many liquors: cognac, whiskey, vodka and liqueurs – but never a cream one. To put a cream liqueur inside a chocolate bottle without having a sugar crust is something that wasn’t easy for us. We believe it’s worth the wait,” explains Kampmann.

A cross-promotion at key airports across Europe, which started in December 2022 at Copenhagen Airport, will continue to take place the first half of this year. Spotlighting the partnership, the promotion centers on the sampling of products and supports the upcoming release of the new chocolate bottle range on May 1. Tastings will take place year-round at main airports in key markets.

During the interview, Kampmann notes that a lot of overseas and Asian travelers pass through Copenhagen so the brand will reach many of its consumers and target groups at the location.

“We believe when delivering a high-quality, unique combination and concept, people need to taste the product because this will motivate consumers to purchase the product in the end,” he adds.

Already in-store, the Anthon Berg x Baileys Irish Cream co-branded product range also includes Baileys Chocolate, Treat Collection (in two mixes), Chocolate Treat Wrapped Chocolate and gift boxes (of Baileys Signature Taste, Baileys Strawberry, Baileys Coffee, Baileys Chocolat Luxe and Baileys Salted Caramel).

Striking a global trend

Also, on display at TFWA Cannes last year, Anthon Berg’s updated Chocolate Cocktails range will enter travel retail in April. Experiencing a positive reaction from buyers around the world, the now co-branded collection features six cocktails in redesigned packaging. Kampann points out this concept is in line with the brand’s almost 100 years of proven product concept: to have licensed based chocolate in a bottle.

Anthon Berg is said to be striking a global trend with this dark chocolate range, which is to offer cocktail recipes in premium packaging that create unique tasting journeys. In collaboration with market research company Ipsos, the brand has established this is what consumers are looking for while browsing the shop floor. Together, the industry leaders decide on research methods, brand screening ideas, recipe types and more – and then move forward with the help of focus groups to learn more about top drivers and concept implementation.

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